Las Vegas Recovery Center

(800) 790-0091
3321 N. Buffalo Dr. #150
Las Vegas, NV 89129

Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), Central Recovery’s flagship inpatient treatment center, is world-renowned for its opioid-free, inpatient chronic pain treatment program and a complete continuum of addiction treatment programs. Since 2003, the experienced and compassionate staff at LVRC has helped thousands of individuals, families, and concerned others discover recovery through innovative and evidence-based treatments for addiction and chronic pain.

Led by CEO, George Gatski and award-winning doctor, author, and Chief Medical Officer, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM, LVRC’s inpatient chronic pain treatment program and addiction treatment programs continue to influence many other respected and recognized treatment centers worldwide. LVRC is located in an intimate, residential setting located near the base of the Spring Mountains in Southern Nevada.

In addition to inpatient and chronic pain treatment programs, LVRC also offers a family program, intensive outpatient programs, recovery homes (Bobby’s House and Sydney’s House), a residential treatment facility, and a robust alumni program.



Las Vegas Recovery Center