Dotcom Global Media

199 New Road, Suite 61, #241
Linwood, NJ 08221

DotCom has been creating websites and designing digital strategies since 1995. Recognized as one of the top digital firms in the United States (Forbes 2008), DotCom has left the Fortune 500 space to help small to mid-size businesses gain access to a level of quality that they have previously not been able to find.

The needs and goals of our clients come first. Always. We are grateful and proud that many of our clients have grown to rely on us as a Trusted Partner. We strive to honor them daily through hard work and achievement.

There are many talented people in this world. From the elite of that group, DotCom chooses ONLY awesome individuals with great integrity and who focus on the impact they can have on those around them, on this world, and in the businesses we serve. If you can do all of this, with a great positive attitude … you are a DotCom’mer.