What is The Word that Means Red in Different Languages?

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By Doug Brown

What is the word for the color red in other languages?

  • Albanian: Red is “i kuq.”
  • Bulgarian: Red is “червен” (cherven).
  • Dutch: Red is “rood.”
  • French: Red is “rouge.”
  • Vietnamese: Red is “màu đỏ” (mow daw).
  • Italian: Red is “rosso.”
  • Portuguese: Red is “vermelho” (ver-mel-yo).
  • Russian: Red is “красный” (krasny).
  • Hindi: Red is “लाल” (laal).
  • Persian: Red is “قرمز” (ghermez).

Color and sight have a close relationship. Historically, color has been of far less significance to people than it is today. Color is described in many strange ways in Greek texts. For example, blue is never mentioned.

Red in 10 Other Languages

below are 10 words of other languages for red. English speakers may find some tough words to learn for red in different languages.

Red in Albanian

Red is called “i kuq” by Albanian speakers. It’s a bit tricky to pronounce, but you’ll get the hang of it!

Red in Bulgarian

Red, in Bulgarian, is called “червен” (cherven). This word sounds quite unique and different from English.

Red in Dutch

The Dutch word for red is “rood”, which sounds like “road”.

Red in French

In French the word is “rouge” which describes the color red. It sounds a bit like “roozh”.

Red in Vietnamese

Writing and speaking words can be tough in some languages, like Vietnamese. The English word red is “màu đỏ” in Vietnamese. It’s pronounced like “mow daw”.

Red in Italian

The Italian word used for red is “rosso”. It’s pronounced just like it looks: “roh-so”.

Red in Portuguese

The word for red in Portuguese is “vermelho”. It’s pronounced “ver-mel-yo”, which is quite different from the English version.

Red in Russian

Similarly, the word for red in Russian is totally different. In Russian, the word “красный” (krasny) is used for red. To say red in Russian, you must say “krah-sniy”.

Red in Hindi

The word red in Hindi is “लाल” (laal). It’s pronounced exactly as it looks: “laal”. It’s important to note that many Hindi and Urdu words sound the same but are written differently.

Red in Persian

The Persian word for red is “قرمز” (ghermez) and it sounds like “gher-mez.”

History of Red Color

According to historians, red has always been a significant color throughout human history. Red is one of the first colors humans ever used, often associated with wine, blood, and fire. In ancient cave paintings, red was one of the most common colors, created using iron oxide.

Red has often been used symbolically in various cultures. In ancient Egypt, red was associated with life and health but also with destruction and evil. The Romans used red to signify warfare and heroism. In China, red is a color of luck and prosperity.

Throughout history, the symbolism of red has been both positive and negative, but it has always been powerful. This vivid color has been used in art, religion, and fashion, influencing societies around the world.

Humans began to perceive and use red pigments early on, with evidence of red ochre use dating back to prehistoric times. The significance of red in language and culture is vast, making it a fascinating subject to explore in different linguistic contexts.

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