Every Press Release gets Followed Up by a Newswire Journalist

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By David Favor

Press releases are without a doubt one of the cheapest means of getting word out about your company, product, service or special event. The concept of the press release is really quite simple. You produce an announcement of the milestone you have achieved and “release” it to various media outlets. After all, if what you are doing is new to you and of interest to the community that alone should make it newsworthy.

You then wait for a reporter or writer to take that press release and use it as a basis for an article or story. The press release, article or story will help turn your “idea” into news that someone will pick up and read. A press release lets people know that something new is happening. But it takes a trusted third party journalist, writer or reporter to make that “something new” into a story. Once that writer or journalist picks up your press release, investigates and writes about it, it becomes more than a mere “announcement.” It becomes part of the news. Without all the expense of advertising you have promoted your most recent endeavors to a large audience hungry to keep up with what’s new. This is why press releases have been an essential part of any successful PR campaign.

Of course the success of the idea of the press release hinges on one important step; that someone in the media will take your press release and report on it. As the world is bombarded with 24 hour television news channels, blogs, and radio news; fewer press releases are picked up and turned into stories. The multitude of news media outlets can not keep up with the exponential increase of press releases clambering for someone’s attention. Competition between news sources has been reduced to simply reporting what everyone else is reporting, but better. A few large stories are followed hour by hour and day by day, while a multitude of smaller but equally worthy stories are ignored entirely.

Does this mean press releases are no longer of any use? What if there was a way to guarantee that your press release would get picked up by a third party writer? What if there was a media outlet that would guarantee your press release would turn into news?

There is a way. Newswire is the media outlet, and the Newswire Guarantee is their promise to you that your press release will become news. Newswire is a new network of vetted, high quality freelance writers and journalists dedicated to giving everyone, including your business, a platform for sharing their news. Not only will the writers of Newswire pick up your press release and turn it into a third party article, guaranteed, but they will also draft the initial press release according to your specifications.

Newswire operates using patent-pending technology to disseminate news articles just like any other news outlet on the web. Like Reuters, Associate Press, and other media, Newswire distributes news to anyone wanting to be in the know. All the major search engines on the internet have special “news” tabs that search services like Newswire. Imagine your business, product or service coming up not only in general web searches, but coming up in a search of recent news. That is the power Newswire aims to put at your disposal with their press release guarantee.

Before a Newswire writer is able to work on your press release or turn it into a third party article, it needs to pass a review by editors. They must first complete five articles on subjects of their choosing. Each of these articles is reviewed for content, structure, and originality. If the writer’s articles are considered of sufficient quality, the writer is invited to sign Newswire’s code of conduct and become a member of the Newswire network. Each of these writers is credentialed by Newswire and backed by their editorial team. These are the writers you can pay to help draft your press release. But they are also the third party writers who will pick up that press release and turn it into a story that can be picked up by all the major news search engines.

Newswire seeks to once again democratize the news. Thomas Jefferson once said, “I would rather live in a world with newspapers and no government than one with government but no newspapers.” Rather than allowing a handful of large media conglomerates to determine what is and is not news, Newswire wants to give readers full access to the wide variety of happenings in their town, region and country. That includes what is happening at small businesses like yours. The press release is back, and this time it will make the news. Guaranteed – by Newswire.