Bill Clinton Can Still Do That !

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On Monday July 13th in New York City at “The Parlor” located on 20 West 86th Street from 6-9pm, “The I Can Still Do That Foundation,” will be filming a live music video called “Still Do That.” The director of this video is Dan Schneider, an entertainment attorney from New York City who will be using volunteers for the choreography when making the video and former President Bill Clinton has been invited to be part of this music video.

This Foundation’s theme song has as a mission: “helping America get back to work.” There will be two speakers: Jonathan Swerdloff, Esq. a graduate of Interactive Telecommunications at New York University, and the Hughes Hubbard & Reed litigation firm who will be speaking regarding how to broaden one’s professional network and utilize the social media, when seeking a business opportunity or looking for a job.

At this event, there will be an expert in human sexuality called Dr. Sharna Striar, who will be speaking regarding understanding the interview process and the personal dynamics involved in establishing rapport with the job interviewer. It should be noted that both Mr. Swerdloff and Dr. Striar are on the Advisory Board of “The I Can Still Do That Foundation.”

The attendees of this Foundation which is also called “First Mondays,” will be able to network with each other based on their professional interests and register on the Foundation’s Directory for free.

Dan Schneider the director of the music video is also the co-founder of the organization. He states that the Foundation is to assist people to get back to work and also create new Green jobs by a mentoring program that is inter-generational. The Foundation is creating a “virtual toolkit” to assist entrepreneurs and those seeking jobs.

The Foundation is also featuring individuals who have adapted successfully in their careers and professions later on in their lives, such as former President Bill Clinton, who is included in this project.

Bill Clinton has accepted the United Nations offer to be an envoy for the United Nations to the country of Haiti, which has recently been damaged by storms. The work Former President Bill Clinton will be introducing will be the rebuilding of the disaster the Country of Haiti recently underwent with the tropical storms of 2008 and assisting the less fortunate people of that country.

Bill Clinton Can Still Do That. He can still go around the world, do consulting and make six-figures by just making one speech. He has founded the Clinton Foundation which hosts events overseas and collects multi-million dollar checks and foreign contributions from governments to help fund his Foundation’s environmental and disease-fighting international initiatives.

“The I Can Still Do That Foundation” was originally funded by Florence Belsky and her Charitable Foundation. She was a feminist attorney and philanthropist from Brooklyn who passed away in 2008. This Foundation will show by example of Bill Clinton Can Still Do That on how American’s can have a confident career change and how they can transfer their skills and know-how to help their communities, their families and themselves.

The Foundation is looking for partners in other non-profit organizations to help people get back into the workforce, especially during these difficult economic times, and the Foundation also has several applications and grants pending to help bring about inspirational and uplifting speakers, and produce short films for their website.

“The I Can Still Do That Foundation” has a website called www.firstmonday’ and is currently maintaining its social networking with groups who are already on Linkedln, Twitter, Meet-Up and FaceBook. People can list their resume or business for free on the website.

This summer the Foundation will be organizing a self-contained networking social community and plans to have a kickoff event for its national organization in Washington DC in the Fall.

For the July 13th “First Mondays” event in New York City with Bill Clinton, the suggested donation is $10 which includes a drink. Volunteers, who give their time for an hour or more, will get in free to this event on July 13th, as well as anyone who can “Moonwalk!”


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