PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET;Turn What You Know Into Dough

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New York — (Newswire) — October 13, 2009 If you could find a way to put $500 or $1,000 in your pocket right now, this month, would you do it? How about $500 to $1,000 in your pocket every single month for an entire year? And then the next year? And the year after that? Maybe even increasing that amount month after month?


PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET: Turn What You Know Into Dough (Harper Business; Trade Paperback Original; October 13, 2009; $16.99) is an incredibly timely book with a counterintuitive message from highly sought-after money-making expert, Loral Langemeier. Loral empowers readers to stop sacrificing and start making money by creating a business that requires no plan, no capital, no investment – just creativity and the willingness to ask for the cash!


“If you’re searching for a way out of your current financial mess, this book is your answer.”

— T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind


“To get a stash of cash that has a dash and panache, real Loral’s Put More Cash in Your Pocket. You will get to play with a whole lot of dough when you apply the principles she teaches, preaches, and practices.”

— Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul


“Loral has done it again. I love it…a great book on money.”
   — Bob Proctor, bestselling author of You Were Born Rich


In PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET, Loral reveals a 5-step strategy to get people out of the waiting lines for unemployment checks or welfare and into the deposit lines at the bank. She proves that new streams of income don’t require new skills or going back to school to get a brand new degree. People are tired of saving and investing…and getting poorer. All you have to do is take a look at the tasks you already do (childcare, dog walking, cooking, or car maintenance) and the activities you enjoy doing (knitting, woodworking, or scrapbooking) to bring more money in starting right now. Highlights of topics she can cover in a lively interview include:

·                     How to Create an Additional $500 – $1,000 each Month 

·                     Fixed Income? No Such Thing. 

·                     Turn Potential into Profit—Fast!  

·                     How to Market, Sell, and Make Money. 

·                     Thriving Not Just Surviving after a Job Loss. 

·                     Why You Never Want to Say “I Can’t Afford It”


PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET offers a way out; a way to stop sinking; a way to not just tread water, but to actually start to get ahead. There is a way to get some fast cash that will make a real difference in your life. It’s not a magic investment formula or some money-saving gimmick. You just have to keep doing what you’re already doing…but in a smarter way. And the only thing you have to give up is your self-defeating attitude toward money.

As each day brings more uncertainty, Loral’s inspiring advice on how to make extra cash from hobbies, skills, interests, and chores will appeal to readers of every background and income level. PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET bucks conventional wisdom, and we hope you will share it with your readers.



Loral Langemeier has written three previous books that have made the New York Times, Business Week, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. She has been featured nationally through CNBC, CNN, CBS, and FOX, along with many radio stations and stage appearances, and is known for her ability to take readers in any stages of their lives and help them make more money.


PUT MORE CASH IN YOUR POCKET: Turn What You Know Into Dough

By Loral Langemeier

Harper Business; Trade Paperback Original

On Sale: October 13, 2009

ISBN: 9780061763250

Price: $16.99 / Pages: 256


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