10 Days to Touch 10 Million Campaign

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By Hayden Hess




LOS ANGELES— As the traditional media engages in the usual commercial frenzy fueled by the massive demand for information about Christmas gift options, we want to bring attention to a more meaningful way to connect with those we care about during this holiday season. In the spirit of affirming “good will towards men”, there is an online short film sweeping the internet that can support the average person during the madness of the holidays to reduce stress and enhance a true connection to what matters most – and to what the holidays are all about.   


A group of young ‘global citizens’ in conjunction with the media social venture production company, Wisdom of the World have launched a web-based movement known as the “10 Days to Touch 10 Million” campaign. The campaign began ten days before Thanksgiving and has been extended throughout the holidays and beyond This “meaningful media” campaign was designed to create an opportunity for people to have an experience of peace, empowerment, and “soul nourishment”, especially for those who might feel disconnected, alienated, and alone during this time when so many families are gathering together. In light of the current economic situation, there are even more individuals silently struggling during this holiday season who would appreciate this free downloadable gift.


In a culture that is obsessed with materialism while engaging in increasingly hectic lifestyles, it is this team’s intention to provide a quiet moment to take a breath, count one’s blessings and remember what a difference we can make in other’s lives. Through the power of authentic wisdom, inspirational music, and breathtaking images, Wisdom of the World believes that it can help redirect one’s energies from going outward to going within, through inspirational digital media.


What’s unique about this online campaign is that it heralds the launch of a new short format media genre called a WisdomFilm, – billed as “Innertainment for Human Being“. The first of these downloadable films premiers with the only recording of best-selling author Marianne Williamson’s powerful quote, “Our Deepest Fear”, known around the world and often attributed to being a part of Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech. People can receive and share this free gift by going to http://www.10Daysto10Million.com  – or to http:// www.wisdomfilms.com.


Spearheaded by Emmy award-winning composer/producer Gary Malkin, Wisdom of the World is producing and promoting this format as new consciousness-raising technology that can be experienced as a psycho-spiritual resource. “We’ve been fed a steady diet of negativity and violence through movies, television, video games and partisan news networks. It’s high time there are media resources available that give people a way to experience the world’s ‘wisdom keepers’ in a way that helps people be all they can be, while accommodating the speed of their current lifestyles.” explained Malkin at a launch premiere in Berkeley, CA. To reach as many people as possible, the team plans to tap into every known facet of social media, along with announcements to broadcast media, and public concerts.

Studies show that by simply stopping, even for just one minute out of every hour, can cause gains in fulfillment, productivity and health. Some experts are even claiming that just by taking a few moments each day to experience a film like this can provide beneficial effects on one’s capacities for empathy and compassion. Cheri Florance, Ph.D, President and Researcher from Brain Engineering Labs in New York says:


“I believe that Wisdom of the World’s new media format represents an innovation in the field of accelerated cultivation tools for social intelligence, helping people reach new benchmarks for emotional and spiritual coherence.”


This holiday season let’s pause from the hectic rush of life and reconnect to what matters. Together we can touch 10 million lives this holiday – and reach that one person who needs it now most of all. For more information on 10 Days to Touch 10 Million, go to http://www.10daysto10million.com or http://www.wisdomfilms.com. For additional information, please contact Dr. Clint Rogers via phone at 310/494-6085, through email at clint@10daysto10million.com