Your Greatest Asset in the Public Relations Business

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The Idea Network 

Do I know you? If you’ve got a great company, a great concept, a great book, I should.
And with Erin Saxton and the Idea Network behind you, I will.

That’s why Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup For the Soul series is Erin’s most vocal fan. “I have 110% confidence in Erin’s abilities and am proud to have her representing me,” says Canfield. With nearly 200 book titles and over 112 million copies in print in over 40 languages, Canfield knows something about promotion.

Publicity is more than just hit-or-miss placement in a few scattered markets. Real exposure is all about a strategy for media placement, a game plan. And you can only play the game if you know all the players. Erin Saxton does. More importantly, they return her phone calls.

Erin Saxton was inspired to launch the Idea Network in 2000 as the logical next phase in a TV production career that had seen four Emmy nominations and stints with television institutions like Barbara Walters, Rosie O’Donnell and The View. She worked her way up the ladder in every capacity from researcher and talent scout to writer and producer, giving her an insider’s view of the importance of even the tiniest connection in the vast ecology of promotion.

Backed by a superb team of seasoned professionals, Erin knows how to distill the essence of your book, product or professional persona and amplify it with the right media placements in order to reach the audience that will respond to it most. Because you know what? Exposure doesn’t matter if it’s the wrong exposure. Exposure only matters if it’s aimed at the hearts and minds of the audience that will benefit you the most.

The Idea Network offers a number of services available at a wide variety of price points that can benefit anyone with something to promote, from the neophyte to the most media-savvy sophisticate. Working either independently or in concert with your own public relations firm, the Idea Network will analyze your book, product, company, or spokesperson. Building upon that, the Idea Network will single out points of interest for writers and prospective broadcasters. What will work best for you? Radio? Morning shows? Evening newscasts? Cable? And what about the print media? Magazines, national newspapers, local papers, wire services, trade publications? The Idea Network knows this territory inside out and will customize a map for you. They can also take that map to the next level, planning a successful market tour that includes scheduling, logistics and the all-important pitch.

When you’re promoting a product, you can’t afford to make a single mistake. Not only will you waste your money, you may also poison the well for your next project. Erin Saxton and her Idea Network team have mobilized their expertise on behalf of countless celebrities, consumer products, and businesses over the past decade. They have a proven track record. They have a history of results. When that great idea comes knocking on your door, who will you call? You should call the Idea Network. Because they’ll know who to call next.