CEO Space proves Collaboration vs. Competition, is the New Business Model in Today's Economy

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Rapid success, important connections with current and future business partners and changing the world one CEO at a time. These are just a few of the intrinsic values posited by CEO Space, Inc in their proven model of collaborative and cooperative business networking.

As economies recover from the current recession, innovation, growth and stability in companies both small and large becomes evermore important. CEO Space, Inc., the world leader in the free enterprise education of business owners, CEOs and world leaders, is one company that has incorporated the idea of collaboration and cooperation into the retreat it hosts. By doing this they have revolutionized the business coaching retreat industry by bringing together the top minds in fortune companies and creating an environment where everyone — small businesses, big businesses, authors and entrepreneurs — is treated as equals, and are introduced to each other by saying “how can I help you”.

High-level speakers such as Les Brown, The World’s Leading Motivational Speaker and Marc Victor Hansen, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, share their vision freely as well as learn from members attending the retreat. The idea behind this free-sharing of information and ideas is that it will facilitate growth and innovation in companies through the pooling of these intellectual resources.

The collaborative environment is nothing new to businesses, however for many years the notion has been that cooperating or joining forces with a competitor would result in loss of intellectual property or worse the downfall of one of the businesses doing the cooperating. The results of implementing collaborative environments, not only within the company, but externally as well, have been surprising to those who questioned it in the first place.

Collaborative efforts among businesses and nations in particular have culminated in accelerated growth of revenue, higher quality of product and even economic stability as a result of a higher GNP in nations that stress the idea of collaboration among businesses in their cities.

On a more individual level, participants look at CEO Space’s new collaborative retreat model and are impressed by the high level speakers and the connections they make. To be sure, attendees at these retreats are some of the most important players in the business world today with some of the best connections to be found.

The old axiom that competition is good for business still holds true in the majority of circles. Proponents of a competitive, non-collaborative, business model continually refer to competition as a validation of their ideas. CEO Space’s way of hosting retreats, however, begs the question: What if you can validate your idea amongst a collaborative group of entrepreneurs, make business connections that will help promote your idea and bring that same idea to life? The time to market is cut shorter and growth in revenue and ROI are both attained at a much faster pace.

Still, many businesses hold firm to the idea that competition pushes your business and keeps it from growing sluggish and stagnant. These same businesses also believe that competition forces focus. In some cases this may still be true, but for most businesses this model was based upon the idea that useful knowledge was concentrated in only a few areas. However, with the advent of current technology, information is no longer concentrated, but spread out amongst many individuals, businesses and nations. This makes collaboration and cooperation even more important.

CEO Space has a proven track record of over 20 years of success in their industry and their retreats have helped countless businesses achieve hyper-growth, reliable relationships with high-level business partners, finding and retaining customers and overall saving years in the process of growth for those businesses.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs recognize the necessity of a new business model that emphasizes collaborative environments within the workplace as well as outside collaboration with other businesses. These same businesses are finding that the growth of their revenue is exceeding that of similar companies that choose to maintain the old line that competition is the only way to foster growth and innovation. What they refuse to recognize is that when businesses cooperate, brainstorm and work together, the possibilities for growth, innovation and entrepreneurship are endless.

These same groundbreaking processes are being applied at the worldwide level as well. Nations that invest in a free enterprise based business model are finding that the businesses within their cities can utilize a collaborative environment to grow revenue and in turn grow the national treasury. CEO Space, Inc. has recognized this and has launched their Nation Space retreat initiative to help businesses in sovereign nations increase their Gross National Product and in turn help bring stability and growth to their economy.

In the end, business owners and entrepreneurs alike are finding that cooperative environments that foster collaboration will make more money and retain employees longer. These same businesses are adjusting their business models and “breaking all the rules” by leaving behind the old way of doing things. They are implementing structures within their businesses that create more resources and give people control over their environment. Once they establish their new business model the employees find themselves the recipients of a more collegial environment, one that fosters brainstorming, innovation and trust. As a result, the companies implementing these new ideas are making more money by collaborating than they ever could have, otherwise. CEO Space represents the new model for business development. They are teaching business lessons in a collaborative and cooperative manner. The environment is safe for learning and not competitive. In a nutshell, life lessons are learned in such a manner that business find out that they receive more from giving than taking and that through teaching they are actually learning.

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