Why I Love My Daisyrock.com Guitar

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Children can be hard to please, and finding the perfect gift for them nearly impossible. Fortunately this was not the case when I bought my daughter an electric guitar from the Rock Candy collection on daisyrock.com. It was – and still is – a huge hit!

The Daisy Rock website made the ordering process tremendously easy. I was able to navigate through the site quickly and could view online images of each guitar and accessory item I considered. The informational content was great, too. All of my product questions were answered right on the site without requiring additional research or endless hours waiting for a customer service representative. I placed my order online, but loved having the option to locate a dealer through the site if I wanted to see a guitar in person before making a purchase.

I couldn’t have asked for a better selection of items to choose from. The electric guitars came in such a variety of colors and styles that I was able to pick the one that fit my daughter’s tastes perfectly. Should her interests change to the acoustic variation, I saw an ample selection there, as well. I think it is pure genius to offer short-scale and left-handed versions. There are options available for every consumer. And the products in the Apparel & Accessories category were just plain fun. I could fill an entire shopping cart with items from this section and still come back for more.

The prices for the products through Daisy Rock are more than reasonable. In fact, I would say I was even pleasantly surprised when I found the guitar of my choice, selected the “buy it now” option, and saw the price that popped up in the next window. I was prepared to spend several hundred dollars on my daughter’s first electric guitar, but the price for the Rock Candy guitar I purchased was well within my allotted budget. In fact, I had money left over in my budget to purchase some delightful accessories such as a Daisy Rock t-shirt, a furry guitar strap, a hard shell case, and some guitar picks.

The quality of the items I purchased was fantastic. It can be scary to purchase items from a website, not knowing what you will ultimately receive in the mail. You don’t have to worry about this with Daisy Rock. Every item I received was top of the line and arrived in pristine condition. It was a total relief not to have to worry about returning or exchanging my purchases because I didn’t get exactly what I wanted.

Most importantly, and something I cannot stress enough, is how much my daughter loves her Rock Candy guitar and accessories. She plays the guitar relentlessly and with unbelievable enthusiasm. It brings me great joy to see her have so much passion for music. She finally has a healthy, safe, and fun outlet for her creative energies. I have no doubts that getting her the right guitar the first time contributed to her dedication to learning the instrument. I can see her passion continuing for years to come, and I am forever grateful to Daisy Rock for helping us find an outlet for her that was exactly what she needed.

I rave about Daisy Rock and its guitars every chance I get and would not hesitate to recommend your company and your products to all of my family and friends. I am a fan and a devoted customer. When my daughter and I decide it is time for her to move up to a more “grown up” guitar, Daisy Rock will be the first place we shop.