NEWSWIRE: Farouk Shami's Solution of Turning the Texas Border from a Liability to an Asset

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It is no big secret that the problems associated between the Mexican and Texas border is no better now that it was decades ago. This seems to be a subject that many politicians throughout the state of Texas do not want to talk about. This is widely due to the fact that over the past three years, the government of Texas has spent $220 million dollars to beef up police patrols along the border in hopes to decrease illegal immigrants from entering our country. This has been a failed plan over and over again. In fact, the majority of illegal immigrants that are in the United States are quite simply people who have overstayed on their visas.

Farouk Shami has a clear cut plan that will not only help to eliminate some of this chaos, it will also be utilized to make Texas a leader in the Going Green concept that even President Obama wants the country to embrace. Shami’s plan is very innovative and the concept is quite simple. We can get companies who are eager to embank on the Going Green program to bring their businesses to Texas. With this they bring high paying jobs that can be filled by the citizens of Texas who want to work. Low cost parts for the operation can be built by factories that we encourage Mexico to build along the Texas border. By giving the people of Mexico the opportunity to work, we are reducing the amount of illegal immigrants who come here because of lack of work in their own country. With the basic parts being produced at a lower cost in Mexico, we have the opportunities to give the citizens of Texas the opportunity to work jobs at higher wage levels.

Farouk Shami has also thought out how we can utilize the illegal immigrants who have entered our country. Shami shows how instead of intimidating them into not wanting confrontations with police and patrol officers, we can work with them to help find the people who are truly causing the problems. With them having first hand knowledge and of hearing about the people who are committing the crimes, we can use the information that they have can supply to local law enforcement officers to stop the violent criminals from entering our country.

Instead of using funds available on shot in the dark experiments, Farouk Shami shows us how to invest in the great people of Texas. With many citizens in Texas living in conditions equal to third world countries, he believes we need to provide them with training that would qualify them to work the jobs that the big companies would bring with them. Currently many of these people are living without water, homes, or food. This just should not be acceptable for any American citizen. The money would pay for education, training and economic developments. This would once again put the great state of Texas at the lead of helping to bring some financial security back to a country that has many problems with its current economy and truly needs it.