Newswire Press Release Guarantee: a SEO Tool You Need

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When running a web based business or company, everyone knows that the key to having a successful presence in the internet world is getting your name to the top of search engine results. The number one way to do this is Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. There are numerous ways to get your name to the top, and everyone has their own ideas on how to do this, however, most of them fail. One of the proven most successful way to do this is by using press releases to announce when your company is doing something new and innovative along with uniquely written related articles.

Newswire takes an innovative approach to improving your SEO by not only writing specific press releases for your company, but also writing articles specifically pertaining to the subject of your press release. They do all of the hard work for you, by submitting them to directories and search engines.

What is the importance of writing articles along with press releases? Articles written specifically around the press release provide more relevant back links than any other approach. The more back links that your website has, the higher up your website will go in search engines. Back links are the essential key to successful placement and successful placement is the key to a successful business!

When a potential customer is thinking about buying something they will most likely research it first to find out the best product and the best price out there. What other way to research a company then by doing a basic search on the internet? When the keywords are typed into the search engine you want your website link to be one of the first links they see. Most people view the top few links of a search as being the most reliable and the most useful. They are not going to spend their time searching through pages and pages of results to find your website. Article writing from your press release will bring quality back links to your site and the targeted traffic that you are looking for.

Newswire is a social network of qualified writers that are willing to write a quality press release for you along with a unique content news article guarantee. These writers have the credibility and tools to distribute your company news article to the top search engines. This gives your company the ability to broadcast your message to thousands of news outlets. Newswire has patent allowing them to be the only business able to guarantee a unique independent article will be written for every press release submitted. You can submit your own press release or have them write one for you. Their goal is to build the most powerful free speech organization on the planet. You can take advantage of their services now and get ahead of the competition by being at the top of the search engines before the others even try. Newswire has the ability to reach audiences that blogs and stand alone websites can’t.

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