Video One Productions puts its money where its mouth is

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Yes, the premium video production site, Video One Productions puts its money where its mouth is with its new Ticket to Ride program.

What is the Ticket to Ride program? It is a participation program where you cover the only costs of the video production and they take care of making it happen in exchange for a piece of the action. Now that’s an offer worth looking at. But first, let us take a look at who One Production is and what they have been doing.

One Production has been a leader in corporate communications services. They know that their videos have been successfully used to raise a hundred million dollars for various entrepreneurial ventures and they have all the expertise you need to help you become successful. You can relax knowing that your project is in good hands.

And whose hands are those? Well, let’s start with Richard Crawford, producer, director and filmmaker, who has years of experience working with a variety of clients. Some of the more noted clients include NASA and the Air Force for the space program, as well as IBM, Ford, Nissan, Apple, Kodak, NCR, Ernst & Young; just to name a few.

One Productions has a full time staff that includes writers, artists, producers, designers, composers and directors along with technical production staff. Everyone on this team has one goal and that is to produce the best product possible for the client. They are creative and innovative and the finished product might just win an award, because many of their products have done just that.

Their portfolio of projects is huge and impressive. They have done commercials for products like Mamma Lammas, Piano Wizard, Road to Riches and Relax Station. Corporate videos include training and orientation videos for several corporations. In addition they did the humanitarian projects to include American Eagle, Code 30, Wiengart Center and Greater Life. With regard to documentaries, One Productions produced Lifetracks and Motivating the Teen Spirit, both of which were touching and inspirational. They have also done videos for many speakers and entertainment videos for Enchante, Protecting the King and Realm. Check out their website to see just how impressive it is.

I believe that you can see why One Productions has been so successful and will continue to be successful. It is this success and their entrepreneurial spirit that led them to offer the Ticket to Ride program.

They understand that the upfront costs may exceed what a small business can handle and that’s why they have come up with this Ticket to Ride program. With this program, even the smallest business can enjoy big success using video media to drive sales and increase customers. Plus, One Productions are professionals in the field, not just some folks with a video camera. They are experienced in everything from simple training videos to major theatrical productions. Once you put a project in their hands, you can know that they operate ethically and will be on a mission to gain your trust. One Production will take care of everything including digital content creation, art direction and visual design.

How can this work for you? Well, let’s say you have a great new product and you want to get the word out there. Video is the number one way to get your message to the masses, however; it is expensive when you look at all that is involved. Think about it, you need a script, you need storyboards, you need a director and camera crew. Plus, you need to have the knowledge to make sure that it all comes together. If you were to attempt a project on your own contracting the different things that you need, you’d probably end up in bankruptcy before your video was complete.

One Productions has everything in place so all they need is for you to put the gas (cost) in their tank. This gets your video underway and before you know it, you have something that is very professional and you have One Productions vested in its success as well. Remember, you gave them a piece of the action in exchange for them taking care of everything at cost.

Now not only do you have an incredible video, but you have an entire team from a very successful company helping you beyond just the making of the video. This is truly an amazing opportunity to partner with success.