A Press Release Service with a SEO Kicker

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Newswire (www.newswire.net) is the only service with a patent pending process that guarantees all press releases submitted through Newswire will be followed up by a article.  While press releases aren’t a new concept, the guarantees that they give the client are. While the ideas surrounding SEO press releases and internet marketing strategies aren’t new, their guarantee has a patent.


Their guarantee is in fact a concept that many internet marketers have come to be quite familiar with, articles. Newswire guarantees that every press release package purchased will have a follow up article published also. These articles will be authored and published within 10 business days of the date of the press release, or the purchase amount will be refunded. They have promised what no other has yet, done.

Erin Saxton CEO of Newswire.net inc., stated “we believe that the press release should only start the interest in the subject, and that following the press release with an article will carry this conversation to a more targeted audience.” This guarantee is given with no extra charges being accrued for the services purchased. For more information on how there press release and articel guarantee works, go to their website at: http://www.newswire.net/pages/index.html.

This strategy in itself is not new, internet marketers have used this method to increase traffic on a given website through back-linking between press releases and articles. This back-linking also helps in improving the search engine rankings for a given website, increasing website traffic dramatically. Newswire asserts that your press release will be distributed to more than 3,500 search engines, websites, internet social networks, and industry specific publications. Top that off with a completely professional article about your company with appropriate back-links, and your search engine rankings will improve dramatically.

Their services are designed with every size of business in mind, up to the corporate giants. The technology they use allows the finest bloggers, journalists, and writers to publish their work to thousands of news outlets and publications worldwide. Their distribution engine provides not only potential of becoming the world’s largest free speech community, but also the most relevant, a key to any SEO strategy.  With the size of their network, your content can go worldwide within 10 working days, with the best SEO strategies available. Content being issued from Newswire.net must be interesting, grammatically correct, spell-checked, and most of all, original. All this is guaranteed to be done using very strict ethics and editorial controls, something many companies promise, but few deliver.

Newswire’s journalists and writers are the top in the industry. They receive by-line credits, and help from the editors, but before becoming a Newswire journalist, every author must submit writing samples to be reviewed by the staff, then must sign an ethics policy before becoming a Newswire journalist. The reporter will then be issued a Newswire press pass, this pass is electronically verifiable and the reporter credentialed. All the writers have a profile page that contains photos, biographies, links to past work, and any articles they are presently working on. If you are interested in becoming a Newswire journalist then you should start an account on their website, create your profile, at www.newswire.net.

Newswire also offers services other than just the articles and press releases mentioned before. It is possible to have a journalist, photojournalist, or videographer present at your location, for a small fee. For more information about having a media presence at your events contact Newswire for a price quote.