Zeons comunity based convenience

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In recent months, there has been a lot of importance given to the environment in general. Many green activists have raised questions against many governments and industrial companies in relation to their responsibility to the environment. Believe it or not, we all have a responsibility to take care of the environment that we live in. That we don’t do is a completely different argument. We have been so caught up with advancements in technology and trying to progress with more success towards the future without taking into consideration the environmental implications that our actions are bringing along with them.


Now, like many you may be saying to yourself that it’s all well and good for one person to raise a voice, but something can only be done about it when something “big” happens. Well that moment has now arrived and it is called Zeons. Now you may be asking yourself what Zeons is. Zeons is basically a retail store that provides community based convenience. You may be asking yourself what exactly does that mean. To put it as simple as possible, Zeons is a new company that deals in the retail business by providing numerous facilities to the consumer market. The thing that makes Zeon’s different from any other retail outlet is that all the services provided to the consumer market are known to fall under the “green” category.


There has always been a large debate on whether or not alcohol should be sold at retail convenient stores. Some argue that it should, seeing that everyone is at freedom of liberty to make their own choices. Other begs to differ due to various reasons including religious and social beliefs. A recent survey showed that 90% of the police calls that happen in the country are solely down to alcohol related problems. Now you may find this hard to believe, but Zeons will be one of the first retail businesses that will not be offering alcohol for sale.


Obviously there will be some people that would be against the idea; however you have to understand the purpose behind their decision. Zeons motto is to provide a community based convenience store. Even though many other retail outlets abide by the same name, how many of them are actually known to live up to their expectations. Zeon believes that it has a responsibility to the public to provide a safe environment where shopping for goods is easy and safe to do, thus the term convenience store.


 When Zeons initially originated in the year 2006, it was taken up by a few companies to provide fuel. From their early years they had a vision of providing “clean and affordable energy for all”. This vision has now turned into reality with them being able to implement the perfect business plan that will not only benefits the society at whole, but will also benefit the environment that we live in. If we do not have the ability to do something as big ourselves that can help both the environment and the society together, the least we can do is support those that are trying to do so.