Texas we need clean energy in cars

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Texas is the energy capital of the nation. Yet, Texans not only produce energy; Texans are enormous consumers of energy, the largest in the US. It is not surprising that the state suffers from a pollution problem, with some of the worst air and water quality in US. To combat the pollution, Texas is taking steps towards “green” through the use clean energy and the creation of more green jobs.

Texas has an abundance of clean energy resources. The Lone Star State has more wind and solar potential than any other state in the nation. In fact, West Texas is one of the largest producers of wind energy. T. Boone Pickens, a Texas oil tycoon, is a strong advocate of clean energy alternatives, including wind, natural gas, and solar power. An increasing number of Texas oil men are joining the “green bandwagon” and switching to renewable production strategies.

The harmful emissions, released into the atmosphere by gasoline powered cars, are one of the main culprits of air pollution. The auto industry is undergoing a “green” revolution to produce more environmentally-friendly cars. The first clean energy car on the scene is the hybrid. The hybrid combines two sources of power: gasoline and electric power. The need for gasoline is reduced along with a reduction in emissions. Another clean energy car, the electric car, was introduced after the hybrid. The electric car is non-polluting and operates solely on electric power.

Texas can benefit from the use of clean energy cars by increased fuel efficiency, minimal or no gas tax, cleaner air, and reduced dependency on foreign oil. Once the use of hybrids and electric cars become more widespread, more green jobs will created. There will be the need for an extensive recharging infrastructure throughout the state. There will be the need for new technology to prolong the life of the batteries, recharging speed, and alternative fuels — ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas, and biofuels. More Texans will be put to work in construction, research, engineering, and training

Clean Power, Green Energy Bills were passed by the Texas Legislature in June 2009. One bill encourages the use of hybrids: plug-in hybrid vehicles for fleets of major state agencies to promote low emissions.

Another bill requires the coordination of green job strategy to include fund allocations for child care programs, energy efficiency measures, and vocational training. These bills provide a stimulus to overall Texas economy.