Why Traditional Newspapers Will Perish

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The motto of the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) is printed at the upper left hand corner of every front page: “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Many people have lampooned that motto by suggesting most media outlets simply print or deliver “all the news that fits.” And what news generally “fits”? Political and sports stories of national interest, perhaps local government issues, fires and criminal activity, and the odd international tragedy or war. With 24 hour news channels on TV, talk radio, and the news source par excellence that is the internet, can this seriously be all that is going on in the world right now? How can “niche” news reporting be heard above the deafening roar of the interests that currently control the world’s news? is a new social network for journalists and writers who want to go beyond “the news that fits” to investigate the stories that other media sources are not covering. These are not just “hobby writers” or “bedroom bloggers.” These are real people with the research and writing skills to uncover and prepare a story on events of interest. They are usually not dependent on a media boss or special interest for a pay check, and so their ethical standards may in fact be higher than some full-time paid reporters and investigators. What they lack that other reporters have is the backing of a recognized news network, journal or paper to promote their work and help them gain access to news sources.

One of the ways full-time media journalists are able to get to the truth is through their credentials. Someone with a Fox News, CNN, Time or Newsweek badge is going to get into places freelance reporters can not. wants to overcome this difficulty by providing a means for writers to be vetted and given “status” in press conferences, at conventions, and other places where “news happens.” Once a writer becomes an approved member of the Newswire network, they will have the benefit of being a “credentialed” reporter of a news organization bigger than themselves. This in turn can give them access as a “credentialed reporter” to the same events as reporters of other media organizations.

Here is how the process of joining the social network will work. First, prospective writers will submit five original pieces of work on any subject of their choosing. These articles would be verified for originality, mechanics (spelling and grammar), and readability. Once these articles are approved by the Newswire editors, the prospective writer would become a member of the network. This rigorous approval process will ensure that all associates can meet a certain writing standard, and also ensure the continued credibility of Newswire.

All associates will be required to sign a pledge to maintain ethical standards, and will agree to a code of conduct. This is no different than any other news organization, and will be one of the things that distinguish members from individual writers or bloggers. People who read Newswire can expect that everything they read has been written by people who have pledged themselves to a certain standard of excellence.

Members of the network will receive the following membership privileges. First, each member will get a full-color badge identifying them as a member of the press corps as a writer for Newswire. These professionally produced badges will include an 800 number. Anyone will be able to call and verify with a Newswire editor that the reporter is who their badge says they are. In and of itself this badge and membership verification would make joining the Newswire network worth the time and effort.

Second, as writers submit more articles, they will be able to “rise in rank” in the organization. The founders of Newswire visualize writers being able to begin as an associate, but be promoted through “senior associate,” “regional assistant editor,” section head, and even rise to the position of “bureau chief” for their particular area of expertise or location. These will not be mere “titles;” they are titles taken from the media world itself to reflect the very real past work and reporting of a Newswire associate.

Each associate of Newswire will also have their own profile on the social network. A profile page will include the member’s official photo, a brief biography, links to past articles, and articles for which they are currently on assignment. These would be articles the associate has agreed to work on and is currently preparing a report for.

The more articles are written for Newswire, the more every other member of the network will benefit. Their own articles will benefit from the popularity of their fellow writers. They will also benefit from having their writing backed by a legitimate and recognized news organization. Since each member will have a byline, the articles they write will contribute directly to their own reputation.

This in and of itself can have some very positive spinoffs. The credibility earned by being a Newswire writer can be used to generate other work, such as writing search engine optimization articles for small businesses, individuals and non-profits for a fee. These articles, if written in the style of a press release, can then benefit from the distribution network to which associates of Newswire will have access. should prove an incredible boon to the numerous writers in the world who are willing to cover the news other media outlets ignore. With the infinite capacity of the internet, Newswire hopes to provide a forum which will genuinely publish “all the news that’s fit to print,” and not simply “all the news that fits.”