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HOUSTON, March 23, 2010 (Newswire) —, a subsidiary of Extensions, Inc. (OTC: EXTI) announced today that it has signed Dr. Barkat Charania to a book contract to publish his authoritative book titled “Confessions of a Bank Director; The Entrepreneurs Guide to Credit, Capital and Cash Flow. 

What does a surgeon, a lawyer a UNICEF Volunteer, World Health Organization Consultant; Hospital Founder and Director of a Multi Billion Dollar bank has in common?   If you reviewed Dr. Charania’s resume, you would understand.

“In the world of self help authors, Dr. Charania resume and experiences are un-matched.  This book is a reflection of this amazing man’s experience and destined to become a must read for any entrepreneur.”  stated Erin Saxton CEO of Newswire.

The working title “Bank Director’s Insights”, gives the reader the behind the scenes view of how a banker sees and values an entrepreneurial venture.  This perspective is rare given the light that very few books are written from that perspective and even fewer are written on how to reposition your venture to the light most favorable to the bank. 

The book is schedule for a July 15, 2010 launch, and will be followed up book signing tour and lecture series.

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