What Makes Jack Canfield America's Number One Life Coach

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Maximizing potential and achieving success in life is what makes Jack Canfield America’s #1 Success Coach. His career in life coaching had its roots in the philosophy of W. Clement Stone and Jack’s involvement in his own Master Mind Group. He learned the fundamental principles of success thoroughly, and has written several bestselling books, including The Success Principles. He also co-authored the runaway bestseller, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Canfield Coaching has become known nationwide, following his appearances on more than 1000 major radio and television programs, including Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live and Fox and Friends. His life changing methods of success in life are available on books, DVDs and on audio tapes. Deeply involved in life coaching, Jack Canfield believes that everyone is able to experience success through dreams and positive motivation and inspiration.

His belief that life coaching can fundamentally change one’s life for the better is the basis for all his current work. His approach to life coaching is to discover and remove roadblocks to success so that positive actions can function to bring results. A key to this success is understanding one’s purpose in life and how to fulfill personal dreams. Underneath all the teaching is a basic secret, that the power of the subconscious mind can be harnessed and put to work to achieve life dreams.

One powerful law in the Universe is the Law of Attraction. The concept that what one thinks and believes will draw the things a person wants to them is the Law of Attraction. Center to that thought are the last six letters of the word “attraction,” which is ACTION. Only when the student applies action to their dreams and thoughts will result begin to materialize, like magic.

Life coaching is an ongoing process, as is testified to by many Jack Canfield students. Gaining clarity and focus on their goals and dreams has changed their way of living for the positive, according to student testimonials. As the life coaching principles are put into action, students begin to see spill over into other areas of their lives, including the financial arena.

Being clear and focused about life’s passion and purpose is the best way to realize success and achieve goals. It is important to review and revise these goals and targets periodically, and to assess current achievements and successes. Only by following the personalized map for life success that is created through daily life coaching can the student live a truly rich life.

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