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The Laws of Attraction principle states that you can achieve everything you desire, fulfill your dreams, and attract the things you really want into your life. If you want a better life, if you want fulfillment, you can open levels of success you might have thought impossible. It is the key component of positive thought thinking of the ages, focusing on the success techniques made popular by Norman Vincent Peale in the 1950s.

The law of attraction relies on deliberately transforming your thought patterns to abundance rather than lack. For example, if you continually think about the things you “want”, then you will stay in the state of “want” instead of achieving your dreams. To attract your heart’s desires, think instead of the abundance that surrounds you and live in a state of gratefulness. Negative thoughts attract negative outcomes. Positive thoughts charge positive energies in your life to assist you in living the life of your dreams.

Thoughts are things, and words create intention. People often find it difficult to calm the mind to always focus on positive energy flow. When you find that you are thinking or getting ready to speak anything negative, stop yourself and think about the energy that is creating that negative state of mind. Then shift to something that you are grateful for in your life and focus your thoughts on that wonderful situation, and give thanks. It takes constant vigilance and practice. Every thought must be scrutinized every moment. But once you get used to staying in a state of positive energy, it gets easier.

What are you attracting? If it is more of the same, and you desire a change, purposefully manifest those changes by becoming a positive, upbeat, happy and content person that will attract those same types of people and experiences into your life. When you find yourself reverting back to the negative, ask yourself what is going on at that moment that is creating those unhappy feelings. Now you are at a turning point. You can start taking the steps towards changing that situation, finding the solution to the problem, and creating a more balanced outcome. Take the action steps that put you on the track you desire. If you do this every time you experienced a negative thought or word, then you will find that you have not only eliminated the obstacles that existed in your life and solved your problems, but you are happier and now have room to attract fulfilling situations.

Often people find it challenging to go from constantly saying “I want…..” to saying “I attract…..”, or going from focusing on winning the lottery to being grateful for the flowers they see each morning on the way to work. There are coaches who work with you on the laws of attraction concepts. The coaches can guide you through the imagery that will lead to you getting what you really want and desire. It is a journey. Think positively about taking that first step.