Middle Aged Man's Answers to Fitness

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The question that you need to ask yourself is how much you want to be fit and healthy? Before you decide to take up any training program, the first thing that you need to ask yourself is how badly you want this. It is proven facts that if you put your mind to something especially when you really want it, then under no circumstance will you not be able to achieve it. The joy of achieving your goals is one of more excitement when knowing that you had a goal in mind.

 The mind is the biggest strength that we all have as human beings. Until and unless you are mentally prepared, there is no way in which one can become successful. The key lye’s in putting your mind towards something that you really want and working towards it no matter what. Yes it is common to get a few “barriers” along the way but they should not make you give up. Instead they should push you more to do even better. One thing that you need to know about anything in life including training is that until and unless you do not put the effort, you will not see the results.

  Interval training

So how does interval training work? Well to be honest, interval training is seen as one of the best ways to strengthen your body’s muscles. Interval training basically consists of high intensity training sessions that happen for a short period of time. The idea is to push your body to the limit by increasing your work load for a limited amount of time but repeating this process as much as you can basically. Take running for example. If you were asked to run a 1 mile race, the chances are that you will start off pretty strong. With time you will slow down that will ease the burden on your body. Then towards the end you may increase your energy input or may have completely lost everything that you had. Instead if you ran say ten smaller laps of 1000 meters, this in effect would help your body much more. Seeing that you would be increasing you’re heart rate for a specific amount of time, will give you much better results.

 The key to being successful when it comes to training is exercising with the right moderation. What most trainers don’t realize is that most of the routines that they have to offer in result are known to over train a persons body. This in result does not give and show the effective results as they should. You should not go all “guns shooting”. Ideally you want to take a steady approach. Something that is effective but consistent. If you are one person that suffers from excess training then don’t be alarmed as you are one of the majorities.

Wrapping everything up, basically in order to become healthy and strong you need to set a goal in your mind. Without doing so you won’t be able to achieve what you are after. Yes you may come across a few hurdles on the way but you should and will be able to over come them.

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