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Are you a writer or have you dreamed of becoming a writer? Mark your calanders for May 6th and May 7th! This is an exciting event and business opportunity for anyone interested in writing. The “Writer’s Extravaganza” is being held in Orange County, CA at the regal Crowne Plaza Resort Hotel. The writer’s extravaganza is the publishing industry insider’s leading event. Discussions and presentations will cover the best secrets, hints, and strategic planning for getting your print, audio, or video book published. This is an event and business opportunity hosted by Mark Victor Hansen. Many talented and well-known published authors, such as Kevin Ogorek, will be at the event as guest speakers. This business opportunity is for all who have the smallest craving to write a book or for those who have began the process, but need further guidelines, education, and inspiration to complete the journey to becoming a published writer. To answer any further questions about this spectacular seminar and business opportunity, go to

Featured guest speakers will discuss what a business opportunity it is, what it means to be a published writer, and the newest trends in publishing. A full schedule of events, event locations, directions, event details, or maps, can be found at Kevin Ogorek, who is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Author Solutions (ASI)–the world’s leading self-publishing company–will be a featured guest, and will speak on the topic of how to market and pitch your book. He has written the book “The Next Indie Revolution.” His experience and knowledge about business opportunities and marketing are assets everyone can appreciate and utilize–either pesonally or as a business opportunity.

If you want to turn your book into a business opportunity, Kevin Ogorek will show you some very calculated thoughts and plans to achieve it. Some tips that will be covered at the writer’s extravaganza by Kevin Ogorek and other guests: marketing your book to a wide audience, the importance of self-branding, why to use a writing partner, how to use new technology like the Smart Pen, explaining the best-seller’s list and how to be competitive, teaching some mental writing strategies, and the importance of choosing a great title for your book. This is a writer’s event to show how to turn your business opportunity from a dream or idea into a reality. Find all details at and come meet Keven Ogorek.