ClearOS Turn Key IT Server From ClearCenter

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ClearOS is truly a turn key server for your small or medium sized business. Most of us are always rooting for the little guy. We howl with delight when a figurate “David” slays “Goliath”. Well in come ClearOS. This FREE yes FREE operating system has really hit the mark in providing an open source answer to other operating systems that many now view as faceless giants. Started by the Clear Foundation, ClearOS is IT for the small business man or woman and also serves medium sized business just as effectively. You would start by downloading the software and then loading it on just about any IX86 computer. This system is ready right out of the gate, it is truly turn key. The ClearOS operating system can actually transform some older computers that you may have thought of throwing out, into working machines again. This can be done for FREE with ClearOS. It will clear your hard drive of the old operating system and install this fantastic system that will allow you to maximize and perhaps expand your office equipment with no cost to you.

However what about updates? Well ClearSDN takes care of that, with updates you don’t have to think about. Business owners large and small have enough to think about; backing up your system and keeping it safe should not be a concern when you load any operating system. Clear Foundation has thought of everything. For a small monthly fee your worries about safety are basically over.

The ClearBOX can actually replace several boxes or hardware, literally. A simple visit to the ClearOS website: will provide a visual diagram for those who believe seeing is believing. So what if you have questions even after seeing the diagrams and the clear and concise explanations on the website. Well simply contact ClearCare which is based on a credit system. You use credits to get the service that is heads and shoulders above the big boys. When calling support to ask about the system, you will get clear and understandable help without a long wait time. This is key to small business owners who are already wearing several hats. It’s truly comforting to know that you don’t need to become the IT manager for your company as well. Again the system is turn key and read to use instantly.

Clear OS is truly different in their mission. They are not trying to be the giant, but excel at helping the small successful business owners thrive. Their mission is to make sure that every small business and even home office has the IT advantages of the big companies. This is a global initiative that the company strives to maintain. It’s great to know the company supports leveling the playing field world wide for computer users; many of which can’t afford the expensive operating systems. ClearOS has a rich history and started as Point Clark Networks/Clark Connect in 2000. They have since rebranded but the quality and products are still the same. was a free operating system for computers uses is truly novel. Winning lots of awards is something that Clear Foundation takes great pride in. In 2009 Clear Center won the best new product award at the CompTIA Breakaway. This operating system is great for governments, non profits and educational businesses alike. The testimonials from current and past customers are truly stellar. Try the ClearOS system today for a turn key answer to your company’s IT needs.