Financial Guru David Bach to Speak at Dream U Camp

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David Bach, the financial guru, will be one of the 30 internationally known transformational leaders and speakers at a one of a kind global virtual teleseminar, to be broadcast to more than 4 million people across the world between June 21st and June 26, 2010. The teleseminar is called Dream U Camp, and is totally free to anyone wanting to participate; the only requirement to your dream life is to register, free of charge, on the following website:

David Bach is a popular financial author whose works have helped many people worldwide to take the necessary action on their dream life and to finish rich. He can lay claim to ten books that went to national best seller status consecutively, and another two books, which were consecutively voted number 1 on the bestsellers list of the New York Times.

Bach is a continuing contributor to charitable organizations and following the release of his last book, he has decided to donate $1 for each book sold to The Charity of Water, to help in the building of wells to provide a clean source of water for the children of Africa. Another one of his charities is the Habitat for Humanity, and he has also co-founded a charitable organization known as Makers of Memories, which dedicates their help to the children and women who suffer at the hands of domestic violence.

The Dream U Camp at which Bach will be speaking, was co-founded by Marcia Wieder, who believes that no one is ever too young or old to dream and follow those dreams. In a reported study it was shown that when people dream frequently, the habit extends their life by as much as 7 to 10 years. Wieder has several times presented her theories on the Oprah Winfrey show, and has stated to Oprah “When you’re in touch with your passion you have more energy, more enthusiasm, more creativity, more vitality.” She has also made many guest appearances on The Today Show, hosts her PBS-TV special, has authored 14 motivational books which have been translated in a large number of other languages.

Wieder has assembled 30 of the best leaders and life coaches in their fields, and they will freely discuss their success secrets in a novel and intimate manner to any and every one who registers. You can access this site for free registration and additional information:
You will be able to call into the teleseminar and listen to seven featured speakers a day for up to 60 minutes at a time. You will be inspired and obtain the support that you need to help you make the changes in your life you desire. Regardless of the nature of your dreams, it may be to start a business, to better your health, in just the space of a week you will have learned many important lessons. The motto of the teleseminar is to CBA – “Be clear about your dream. Believe in yourself. And, Take Action”.

At the teleseminar, you will hear true life stories of these world renowned teachers on true life transformations. You will learn the important lessons to create the dream life you want for yourself. You will obtain the clarity you need for your dreams to become real, and the next action steps you should take to realize those dreams. You will be able to identify the personal barriers you erect, and the ways you can overcome them. You will be given very simple and effective steps that will allow you to get the real results that you desire.

You are the only thing that stands between your dreams and you. Listen to David Bach, the financial guru, who will show you how you can finance your dream life so that you will never be stopped by money again. Maybe you want to get that dream job you have been wanting and cannot quite achieve, then listen to these award winning coaches of life guide and inspire you towards your dreams.

Capture your dream life and register for the Dream U. Camp beginning June 1st. by logging into