United Central Bank Texan's Best Kept Secret

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By David Favor

The United Central bank (http://www.ucbtx.com/) was set up in the year 1987 to cater to the banking needs of people in Dallas, TX. The bank has since then expanded to many other parts of the US and continues to cater to diverse communities across the nation. The bank boasts of highly competitive banking products and personalized services to its customers. It boasts of taking a different approach of satisfying the cultural, lingual and special needs of customers. They have multilingual staff that caters to the needs of customers from diverse backgrounds. They have a wide array of products which can help disburse credit to a large segment of the audience.

One of the specialties of the United Central Bank is it is a premium SBA lender. A huge emphasis is placed on it and they understand the needs of the small businesses precisely and offer customized solutions. It leads the way with respect to SBA lender programs. All banks offer SBA loans but what UCB aims at is to become a preferred lender of the Small Business Association loans. The expertise of UCB lies in its profound understanding of the financial needs of small businesses and in depth knowledge to offer customized solutions. UCB prides in offering solution in minimum turn around time. They understand that time is of utmost value to you and credit should not keep you from investing it into your business. Their approval process is very swift and extremely efficient. This can be done once the information of your business and all other particulars concerning it with respect to the documents are furnished at the earliest.

As an SBA lender UCB offers you many benefits. The SBA loan comes with additional benefits such as longer maturities, competitive interest rates and one of the highest loans to collateral ratios. Most banks that do great business banking are still not in a position to offer these terms and conditions. For more information on SBA lending and business banking you can visit the site at http://www.ucbtx.com/ .

UCB is also an expert in business banking. It offers various kinds of deposit accounts that make business transactions smooth, easy and risk free. Under business banking they offer various kinds of accounts. They have a commercial checking account which gives you unlimited transactions and based on you r compensating balance you can have lower monthly activity service charge. Another type of account is the Global Free small Business checking account which has no monthly fee and allows 200 free transactions a month. The additional charge for the additional transactions is only $0.35. There is a Global Business Internet checking account. It is a specialty account that is available for sole proprietors and non profit organizations. The minimum deposit for the same is $2500. And lastly there is the Global Money Market account. These are accounts that are federally insured. This is basically an interest earning account. It has a dual benefit of competitive tiered interest rates and easy access to funds. UCB has always striven to be at the forefront of business banking.

UCB provides excellent service and strives to meet all the financial needs of the community.

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