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Gayle Slate is a marriage, family and child counsellor who holds a Master of Arts in Psychology. She went back to school to earn this degree after the traumatic experience she and her husband Don had with their disabled daughter Dana. Dana’s Legacy is a book on the numerous challenges she had to face dealing with her daughter’s cerebral palsy that took her life when she was just 14.

KIT or Kids Included Together is an organization she founded in the year 1997. This organization focuses on training other organizations that are community based and includes children with special disabilities in their social, welfare and recreational programs. She is the recipient of various awards including the ‘Compass family Centre Star award’, ‘March of Dimes – Mother of the Year’ and ‘Salvation Army-Woman of Distinction award’.

The rich experience she gained out of her own suffering right from the age of 20 when she gave birth to her daughter, Gayle today inspires and motivates other similar sufferers to face the world with a strong demeanour and to deal with the illness in a positive manner.

Dana’s Legacy – From Heartbreak to Healing is an insightful book on children with disabilities by Gayle written backed by firsthand experience. In this book, Gayle leads the readers through her story of tragedy to triumph and motivates other mothers with special children to stand up and face the illness with dignity.

Shocked by the doctor’s ultimatum that Dana’s life is going to be very short indeed, Gayle and Don had to make complicated, yet informed decisions. Rather than the limited therapists available those days, they had to rely on their own intuitive wisdom to make her child’s last few years as productive and satisfying as possible.

The spirited manner in which Gayle and Don took on the challenge documented by her in Dana’s Legacy is testament to their commitment towards helping other parents of special children cope with the stress and trauma.

Apart from her own experience Gayle has an enviable insight into children with special needs and their families as she has interacted with many parents as a marriage and family therapist. She has dealt with many families with children of disabilities suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism.

For her motivational and inspirational book Dana’s Legacy, Gayle Slate has been recognized by the San Diego Book Award Association and has received the National Indie Excellence Award.

After Dana’s death, Gayle was understandably shattered but rose from the ashes to become a therapist to help other parents suffering with disabled children. She started her private practice from Los Angeles, her home town with children with disabilities and their families. She created the early intervention program for disabled toddlers and infants at Stephen S. Wise Temple. She also helped many parents to identify the right service for their disabled children.

Gayle Slate is retired and settled down in San Diego today where her recent project Dana’s Legacy – From Heartbreak to Healing book inspired by Dana, her daughter’s life and death was published. a subsidiary of Extensions, Inc. (Symbol:EXTI) makes use of a patent-pending technology to harness the power of independent bloggers, writers and journalists and the extent of the internet to create a forum for all news stories, not simply the few that interest the main media outlets. Newswire seeks to be for the news world and for independent journalists what the Sundance film festival has become for cinematography and independent filmmakers. The technology used by Newswire will allow news stories with even the smallest niche audiences to find those readers, and give truly talented but underappreciated independent writers, bloggers and journalists an opportunity to make a real impact and to be part of a credible news organization.

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