Multi Touch Interace- The Future of DJing and Internet Navigation has Arrived!

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The future of DJ’ing has arrived!

On October 4 2010, the world’s first and only transparent transparent multi-touch system for professional DJ made it’s debut. The program called Emulator first generated a buzz in August when this demo video, hit You Tube.
The video soon generated over one million hits and numerous questions.

So just what is Emulator?
It is a multi-touch MIDI software program that gives a DJ what they will need virtually at their fingertips. Everything is presented on stunning a high-resolution transparent multi-touch screen.
This screen is the most accurate one for professional use since it does not generate false or ghost touches.

The geniuses behind this technology are Pablo Martin who is a DJ based in Argentina and Alan Smithson a DJ based in Toronto. Together, they created Smithson Martin Inc. and developed The Emulator Multi-Touch screens for the DJ and Music Production market.
Smithson Martin Inc. has the distinction of being the first company to create and distribute a fully functional multi-touch DJing program.

Alan Smithson said of the product, “Imagine a futuristic transparent touch screen in a club – it is an instant magnet for attention.” He also said, “At our launch party, everyone wanted to touch and play with it, there were 3 people deep trying to take photos of it.”

If the video and photos are anything to go by, “magnet for attention” is an understatement.
This truly impressive technology is a new frontier. The uses for multi-touch technology are endless and simplified versions of this technology could easily be created for countless fields including but not limited to corporate or retail advertising applications.

While DJs have long desired to work with touch screen technology, the biggest problems for DJ’s working with touch screens is that they don’t get the tactile feedback they need because they can not feel the knobs, buttons and sliders associated with their work.
That of course requires them to keep their eyes on the screen and they can lose focus from the music software. Emulator is the solution to that problem because it offers everything a DJ could possibly need on the same screen by combining the power of multi touch, a standard mouse and the native interface of software to be controlled all in one nice and useful GUI.
The first Version 1.0 is 100% compatible with Traktor Pro internal mode and future upgrades will include Traktor exteral mode and new layouts for Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Ableton, Serato and many more.

Emulator will allow a DJ access playlists on Traktor as well as an on screen keyboard and built in search function to find a desired music track.

While Smithson Martin Inc. plans to focus exclusively on the needs of the professional DJ and music production communities and distribute its applications throughout North and South America and Europe.

The Emulator Multi-Touch Professional DJ System is now available for purchase at
It is available in four packages featuring different size transparent touch screens; 32″ & 42″ with custom sizes also available by request.

The Emulator Multi-Touch screens are not DJ software. You will still need to purchase your desired DJ program.

This software is designed to work with Windows 7, Tablet PCs with a 12.1 inch screen with 1280×800 16:10 aspect ratio, stand alone multi touch LCDs, and rear projection touch screens and other computer or screens with support for 13366×768, 16:9 aspect ratio.

The current version of Emulator interfaces with Traktor Pro, but future releases will include compatibility with Virtual DJ, Ableton, and Serato and Mac OS software is scheduled for release in 2011.