The Key to Weight Loss is in Your Mind

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What is the key to weight loss,some say that the key is all in your mind. While this may be true, the makers of NewReality have developed a new technolgy to prove the key to weight loss is in your mind.

We have heard all of our lives that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to exercise and watch what we eat. NewReality believes this to be true, but they also believe that your mindset greatly effects weight loss in the form of cravings and binge eating. With this in mind, they have developed a system that deals directly with your mind in order to provide the weight loss goals that you have set for yourself.

The NewReality weight loss NXT system provides consumers with the ability to listen to programs that use the Creative Visualization and Relaxation (CVR) in order to obtain weight loss through guided meditation. This meditation process teaches individuals to more easily learn and adhere to behavior modification in order to achieve weight loss.

What seems like something only fit for the movies, this modern form of relaxation is ahead of the times. Individuals are able to achieve these sessions by simply slipping on a pair of glasses which are fitted with flashing lights and earphones. These earphones flood users ears with calming music and encouraging words in order to better achieve life-changing results in weight loss. They can do this all in the comfort of their own homes or even on their lunch break.

This system is geared to change the way you see yourself and your life. The makers of NewReality believe that once you see yourself through new eyes you will omit the bad behaviors and stop eating junk foods, overeating, or have mood-related eating binges. Rather, you will begin to eat only when you are hungry and will begin to crave healthy foods and a healthier lifestyle.

NewReality offers more than 300 programs geared toward a new outlook on life. These programs set a new standard in personal development and learning and can help with other lifestyle issues including smoking cessation, stress reduction, or even simply improving your golf game.

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