Bob Circosta Joins CEOSpace Teaching Staff

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CEOSpace: Learning from a marketing legend will soon be on the agenda as Bob Circosta, the man who has sold more than a billion dollars worth of merchandise, will be teaching at CEO SPACE. His career in sales spans three decades and reaches all the way back all the way to 1977, selling can openers live on the air as an AM radio talk show host. The response he generated resulted in selling out all the can openers the station had on hand within an hour, and the station owner Bud Paxson expanded the concept by founding the Home Shopping Network on cable television.

Bob Circosta was instrumental in the growth and success of HSN as the first ever host. Now he will bring his unparalleled marketing savvy to CEO SPACE and share the depth of knowledge that he has gleaned from selling in excess of 75,000 different products. With over 20,000 hours of hosting experience, he continues to hone his craft even after his sales have exceeded the billion dollar mark. Known as “The Billion Dollar Man,” he reaches 20 million audience viewers a month with growing numbers as he successfully introduces more new products.

His students at CEO SPACE will learn the keys to transforming an idea into a winning wealth creating product. Starting from the concept level inspired from spotting the hot new crazes and trends, to developing a final product that stands out in the crowded marketplace. This requires a leap to a strategic level of the millionaire mind set, and he will expound on getting the most benefit from a limited budget to start you on the road to riches.

Perhaps no other sales expert is better equipped than Bob Circosta to teach the art of effectively crafting the winning sales pitch. The secrets he uses to motivate an audience to accept the product’s benefits include creating an optimal image, and communicating with integrity to build goodwill. His tips will assist you in transforming even a hostile crowd to potential customers and generate your own record breaking sales opportunities. Today’s telecommunications opportunities offer massive leverage possibilities but also can harbor legal pitfalls and he will detail the steps you need to protect your concept.

And perhaps the most valuable information he has to offer is his method of troubleshooting and analyzing new products. Discover what are the right questions to ask that can shut the development process down when you have a concept that won’t compete effectively in the marketplace. Even though he will give the skills for effective television hosting, you still need a winning product to offer.

But once you have achieved the creation of your product, Bob Circosta will address the critical growth maximizing potential of positioning your message. You will benefit from his motivational and training strategies which produce those record setting sales results you are seeking. From there on, his advice on achievement and how to prepare for success will have you ready to step into the future of your dreams.