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SAN DIEGO, CA – According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, the current jobless rate for October 2010 continued to hover near 10% nationwide.    This means the job market is the bleakest it has been in many years for recent college graduates.  The Economic Policy Institute puts the number of unemployed college-graduate aged individuals at nine per cent.  The highest it has been in 25 years. But one young man, Justin Sachs, challenges recent graduates, and anyone who is unemployed, to be pro-active and take control of their destiny.

 Sachs, a best-selling author, International speaker, documentary film-maker, and entrepreneur says the only way to achieve true financial security is to embrace the entrepreneurial mind-set.

 “I’m 21 years old and I have started not one, but eight companies, including two non-profits.  I grew tired of waiting for other people to recognize the strengths that I provided.  So I decided to take control of my own destiny and I started my own companies.  Incidentally, those companies have been recently valued at over 1 million dollars,” Sachs said.

According to Sachs, the two non-profit companies allow him to embrace the power of philanthropy and share his good fortune with others.

This mindset is most evident in his newest book, The Power of Philanthropy, published via his own publishing company Motivational Press, Inc. which now has 30 other authors on the roster.

Besides writing, publishing, and operating his own entrepreneurial endeavors, Sachs now trains and educates hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners, young and old, to achieve success in their own businesses in his new Bootcamp and coaching program, Ultimate Business Mastery.

 “There are three key components that I teach in becoming successful as an entrepreneur in today’s market.  First, you have to have vision.  You must see your product, service, or idea successfully amongst the masses. Second, you must take action towards realizing your vision.  And third, you must follow up and follow through. These are the consistent steps followed by every successful business owner,” Sachs said.

This year has seen Sachs produce and release his first feature documentary film.   The film titled, Achieving Your Ultimate Success, is premiering in 27 cities across the world over the next two years as part of his Ultimate Success Tour.  The film takes individuals from various walks of life and shows how that they have embraced the entrepreneurial mindset and have found success and fulfillment in their lives.

 “I’m now working on my second documentary film titled The Power of Coaching, which will feature John Assaraf of the world-renowned movie, The Secret,” Sachs said.

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