Benefits of a Hybrid Electric Car

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A hybrid electric car combines electric propulsion system and traditional internal combustion engine propulsion system to achieve better fuel efficiency. Standard gasoline engines achieve 70% of their energy efficiency at optimum speed and maximum torque load, which is known as sweet spot. It can give only 20% energy efficiency with acceleration, deceleration, start, stop and detrimental effect of traffic.  In hybrid electric cars, the gasoline engine drives the generator recharging the batteries and electric traction motor drives the wheels. This reduces the unfavorable effects of traffic on the engine and helps to provide up to 70% energy efficiency.

The most important benefit of hybrid electric car is that it produces significantly fewer toxic emissions than standard gasoline vehicles. The use of the electric motor and the ultimate electronic technology allow the hybrid electric car to turn off the combustion engine while stopping at the traffic signals. This in turn reduces the emissions from the vehicle. It uses smaller engine and has less movable parts that are susceptible to wear and tear.

Increased fuel efficiency and mileage are the most impressive benefits offered by hybrid electric cars. For instance, Electra Hybrid vehicle offers increased mileage over conventional motor technology. The multi partitioned motor technology combined with a True series hybrid drive system helps the vehicle to offer 85% energy efficiency and to achieve 120 to 140 MPGe. For many people, this is an important benefit, as the fuel price is on the high.

Hybrid electric cars have no pollution byproducts, so it is 100% emission free. It is lightweight, compact and more efficient when compared to gas engine vehicles. It is easy to refuel in a hybrid car and is totally safe. As it blends the best of the conventional car with the best of electric car, it offers a great combination. It performs well and is reliable and comfortable. Buying a hybrid car will help you get tax benefits. As it is fuel efficient, you can save a lot on fuel cost in the long run.

You may want to know how much the hybrid electric car can save you in a year. In initial ZEV test, Electra demonstrated 50% more mileage than existing electric motor technology. Hence, you can save $250 to $400 per year.

The United States is the largest producer of carbon dioxide in the world. The motor vehicles in the US use nearly eight million barrels of oil in a day that costs around $200,000 per minute to import. 95% of America’s transportation energy requirements are fulfilled by petroleum products. They not only harm the quality of air, but also cause some other dangerous effects like oil spills, tropical forest destruction and underground fuel storage tank leaks. The US dependence on oil from foreign countries poses significant economic threats. Fuel efficient cars like hybrid cars can definitely help to stop global warming. They can also decrease carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the US dependence on foreign oil. They burn lesser gas per mile, so they produce less pollution.