Criminal DUI

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Generally, a first offense amounts to having a permanent DUI record, fine, probation, loss of driver’s license for a time, points against your driving record, attending substance abuse meetings (such as Alcoholics Anonymous) paying for and attending a DUI school (especially to regain ones driver’s license).What happens when you get a criminal DUI or DWI conviction?

When you have just been charged with a criminal DUI it is a VERY scary time. It is tempting to bury your head in the sand and pray. BUT… That is not a good idea. You need to talk to several attorneys. This is one time when you forking over the dough to an attorney is essential. Defending yourself might be great, a lot of the time but this is a much more serious offense then a speeding ticket.

A DWI or DUI is a criminal offense. This means that aside from any penalties the courts hit you with it will also be on your record. You may lose your job or have problems getting another job depending on your career type. It can effect a variety of different background searches.

How do you get a criminal DUI off of your record?

1. You can ask your attorney to appeal your conviction. This is a great way to clear your record if you can make it happen. To be honest this is more of a case of just wearing down the legal system until they get tired of paying prosecutors to go up against your attorney. This works better if you have a fair bit of money. And if the details of your case give you a chance in heck of getting your case over turned. I will want to talk to a few attorneys on this.

2. For you state you an ask your lawyer how long it has to be before you can try to clear your DUI. Not every state allows this. For some states it is 7 years.

3. You can file for an “expungement” of your record. You can do this on your own in most states but having an attorney will still help.