Uptown Cheapskate Franchise – Vintage Clothing at What a Woman Wants Show

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Uptown Cheapskate knows just what women want – great fashions they can afford.  At the recent What a Woman Wants expo in Sandy, Utah, Uptown Cheapskate delighted women with their offering of name brand clothing at prices far below regular retail stores.   How do they do it?  Uptown Cheapskate buys clothing from women (and men) who aren’t using it any longer, and sells it to other women (and men) who want something new and fashionable. 

As attendees at the What a Woman Wants show discovered, Uptown Cheapskate stores offer a whole new world of resale shopping.  With over 1000 pairs of current style jeans in each store, including brands like True Religion, Laguna Beach, Miss Me, and Citizens for Humanity – they offer a huge selection and fit for women (and men) from size 0 to 18.  The walls are filled with handbags, purses, shirts, blouses, sweaters and jackets.  Customers can buy, sell and trade shoes, boots, designer handbags, coats, dresses, and even fashion jewelry.  Each store also supplements their used product offering with brand new items including clothing, accessories, and jewelry.

Franchise President and Salt Lake store owner Scott Sloan might be an unlikely expert in what women want – but with 5 sisters, he has been surrounded by fashion conscious  women all his life.  “Women want to have clothes that look great and make them feel good.  That’s why Uptown Cheapskate has been so successful as a franchise company.  New outfits make women feel confident and fashionable – and that’s why they love to shop.  The things in their closet make be great fashion, but they don’t produce the “feel good” buzz that they did when they were brand new.” 

Enter Uptown Cheapskate.  Women can trade in the clothes they’ve already worn, and exchange them for cash or other outfits that excite them today.  This fashion exchange system has produced highly successful franchisees in places like Greensboro, NC and Salisbury, MA as well as in Wichita, KA. 

Uptown Cheapskate Franchise is targeted to the young adult and teen resale store franchise market, but with fashion labels from stores like Ann Taylor, Anthropology, and J. Crew, it appeals to a much wider audience.  Moms come in to shop with their teenagers, and usually end up finding items they love too.  When it comes to what a woman wants, if it’s fashion, Uptown Cheapskate will probably have it.