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APOLLO TYRES of India is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. APOLLO has manufacturing facilities in India, Europe and Africa and exports to more than 110 countries worldwide.

TYRE SALES Corporation and TIRE SALES International are Pakistan and UAE based distribution house of tyres. TYRE SALES is part of Charania Group of Companies, which is involved in other businesses like fuel and electricity distribution, real estate and banking. TYRE SALES started its business in 1960 and has completed 50 years’ Golden Jubilee last year. In 50 years TYRE SALES, which started as a small shop in the interior of Sind has now its activities spanned over three continents. They now have their own Private Label brands like GREEN GRAGON, TUFF STONE AND SHAHEEN distributed in many countries of Middle East and Africa. The group is presently grossing US$ 500 Million revenue and has projections to grow to a billion dollars a year in next few years. The group plans to increase its tyre distribution in many other markets.

Over 110 high achieving dealers were invited to Participate to the Apollo Vista Convention. They came from many parts of the world to Malaysia, like Pakistan, UAE, USA, Kenya, China, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Egypt and India. Participants were provided 6 day excursion. The tour included fun trip of Sunway Lagoon Park in Kuala Lumpur, fabulous Genting Highlands, majestic Batu Caves & other places of interest in Malaysia.

The high point of the tour was Apollo Vista – Tyre Sales Dealers Convention. The convention was attended by Mr. Rajesh Kumar, head of International Sales & Mr. Rajesh Uday Kumar, Of Apollo Tyres India. They shared the plans of Apollo Tyres to become one of the world’s top ten manufacturers within next five years and in the process make it a US $6 Billion company.

Dr. Barkat Charania, Chairman of Charania Group of Companies, Mr. Nuruddin Abjani, CEO of Tire Sales, Mr. Imran Charania, Chief of UAE operations, Mr. Feisal Shariff, Chief of USA operations & Mr. Harrison Mungai, Chief of African operations also shared their views about Global economy and plans about future of TYRE SALES’  future projected activities in different parts of the world.

The Apollo Vista Conventions was concluded with distribution of certificates to the dealers and token of appreciation to guests. All dealers from different parts of the world had a very good opportunity to know each other and learn about foreign lands and ways of doing businesses.