HCG Diet Goes Mainstream

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According to Google, there are approximately 12.7 million searches for “diet” each month.  Increasingly, people are searching for “hcg” along with diet.  In fact, nearly one of every eight searchers for diets, includes “hcg” in their search.

The market for hcg diet drops has grown to an estimated at over $100 million annually.

This immense increase in popularity is due to only one reason.  The diet works.  Almost everyone knows someone that has had success with the diet.  The hCG diet has become easy – and cheap – due to the recent advent of hCG drops, that can be taken at home, with out the need for costly and painful physician supervised injections.  HCG drops are taken up to 6 times daily, simply by holding a few drops in the mouth, under the tongue until absorbed directly into the blood stream.

The hCG diet is the brain child of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a long deceased Britt who pioneered the diet in 1954.  An endocrinologist by training, Dr. Simeons theorized that the hypothalamus was the part of the brain that might be responsible for this “fat thermostat”.  The hypothalamus, part of the central nervous system, controls subconscious bodily functions as respiration, the heart, digestion, sleep, sex, the urinary system, the and through pituitary function, the endocrine glands.

The question then becomes, how does one re-set the fat thermostat?

Dr. Simeons work showed that the inclusion of hCG in a weight loss plan had the effect of re-setting the body’s propensity for fat retention.  The Simeons diet plan consists of a very low calorie diet with hCG supplement for a period of 40 days.  Simeons showed that such a diet could help his patients lose 20 or more pounds, and more importantly, keep the weight off as result of a true change in the way the body handled fat.  

HCG stands for human chiroinic gonadotrphin, a hormone produced by both men and women in the pituitary gland.  However, the hormone is produced in greatest quantities by pregnant women.  It is thought that hcg plays an important role in these women by helping the body to mobilize fat stores during pregnancy, ensuring that the mothers do not lose lean tissues, and making stored calories available to the body – and developing fetus – during pregnancy.  The hCG diet builds on this same function of the hormone to assist dieters.  By taking hcg supplements while following a very low calorie regimen, dieters are able to drop as much as a pound a day, while sparing the muscle and lean tissue that often falls victim to a dieting.

In addition, hCG dieters report much less hunger, fewer cravings, and the tendency to keep weight loss gains after finishing with their diets. 

Dr. Simeons book “A New Approach to Obesity” is now in the public domain, and can be downloaded free of charge.

Time, and the results of thousands of dieters, will tell if the hCG Diet has the staying power of Atkins and South Beach Diets.