Sell My Clothes!

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Maybe it is another sign of the tough economic times, and maybe it is just an idea that’s time has come, but business has never been better at Uptown Cheapskate. The franchise has taken the idea of a consignment store and done it one better. Each of the 14 Uptown Cheapskate stores makes a business of buying lightly worn clothing from its customers, and re-selling that clothing. Think of it as re-cycling your closet.

In these times the stigma of buying used clothing, at least the clothing found in the boutique setting of these stores, seems to have vanished. The new “in” has more to do with your budget than ever before. Make no mistake, this is no thrift store; Uptown Cheapskate is a hip, designer boutique, that happens to carry used clothing.

The fashions found on the Uptown Cheapskate racks are anything but cutting edge. In fact, with so much demand for their service, Uptown owners have become picky buyers. Their racks are stuffed with slightly used designer labels. I have found it both a great place to buy and sell my clothes.

Uptown Cheapskate is a concept borrowed from its sister stores. Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate share the same founders, the Sloan family. The concept grew from a single Kid to Kid store founded by Shauna Sloan almost a quarter of a century ago. Since then, Kid to Kid has expanded to almost 100 stores in the US and Europe. The concept has legs, so the Sloans decided to target teens, “tweens” and even young adults with the Uptown Cheapskate brand. Since its launch 2 years ago, the stores have found a real niche by giving us a place to buy and sell gently used clothes in adult sizes.

In my last trip to Uptown Cheapskate, I took in two sacks of clothes that had found their way to the back of my closet. I took store credit instead of cash (my option) for the stuff I brought in. I walked out with one sack of great clothing, including belts, pants and tops. I wear this stuff! When I am bored with it, I’ll just take it back and do it all over again. What a concept!!

Uptown Cheapskate is definitely worth putting into your shopping rotation. It is the only place I will sell my clothes. Google them to find a store near you!