Kim Sorensen, Founder of YTB, died at age 62

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Kim Sorensen was recognized as the “travel” in Your TRAVEL Business (YTB). Along with Scott Tomer and “Coach” Lloyd Tomer, Mr. Sorensen founded YTB in 2001. Kim’s easy going and friendly demeanor was a draw to many interested in joining the alluring travel industry.

Kim Sorensen was always humble in his responses to bad press brought on by the controversial business model and moved to ensure respect for the travel industry and maintain ethical business practices.

I personally had the pleasure of working with Kim and, while he inspired tens of thousands of people through his work with YTB and in his former work with A.L. Williams, if you knew Kim more than two minutes, you knew that his real passions were his wife, his children, and his grandchildren.

You couldn’t help but feel valued and inspired around Kim Sorensen. He oozed with sincerity and kindness and will be missed by many.