Self Help the Critical Steps

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Mental health experts know that self help has certiqan critical steps.  People need a healthy self-esteem. and the trend to build self-esteem may have gone to extreme in school and youth settings. There used to be a time when not everyone who participated got a trophy. Trophies only went to people who earned a certain place or won the competition. Trophies are not needed to build self-esteem. A person with a low-self esteem may need the praise of others, but it is often a matter of resizing a person’s talents.

When a person decides to improve his self-esteem, he may not have the presence of mind to do the thing he needs to do most. He should evaluate his friends and associates. Are his friends and associates building him up or do they subject him to constant ridicule? If he is subjected to constant ridicule about many aspects of his life, he may want to choose new friends. He may need to realize that the people he associates with are not his friends in the first place. Deciding to dump old friends for new ones may mean that a person spends time alone. Building friendships is not an easy process by any means, but it may be worthwhile. It is even more worthwhile for people who do not have true friends.

The next step will be assessing a person’s strengths. People have different levels of skill and not everyone is good at everything. A person may not be good at sports, but may be skilled at working with his hands. If a person knows he is good at a certain task, he may want to seek out others who share his interests. He may even receive praise for his work. Praise may seem like an odd thing to crave, but a person who seldom hears it may not realize that his view of his self-worth is skewed. If he does not realize that he is worth more than he has come to realize, he may spiral into depression. Depression can lead into more severe health complications.

Daily affirmations may help a person through the entire process. An affirmation can be something simple, and it may not even be something a person believes at first. If he spends enough time repeating the phrase, he will come to believe it himself.

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