Technology on How to Build Self Esteem

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Many people look to others to build their self-esteem. They want the pats on the back, the “atta-boys,” the fist bumps and high-fives to tell them they are great. That feeling of greatness might last a minute or an hour. For a true, long-lasting “high,” people should look inside themselves to build their self-esteem.

It is our inner world that leads to happiness and fulfillment. It is what we believe about ourselves that leads to high self-esteem and the ability to set and reach life goals. The first step is to consider what we believe about ourselves and whether those beliefs are really true and whether they actually serve us well, or serve to drive down our self-esteem.

Dawn Bain, PhD says: “The truth is we don’t need to seek, to find or to fix ourselves: We create ourselves each and every day.” What she means is that we create the story of our lives with our thoughts and beliefs, and that each day we can choose the thoughts and beliefs that serve us well. Change your thoughts and change your life. By making a decision to become aware of your thoughts, it creates the possibility to have a life you love. Isn’t that what we are all after?

Many of us face a huge challenge from the mirrors we look into. We look, but we don’t know how to see our own beauty or acknowledge ourselves. We have not been taught to provide any love or encouragement to ourselves, only to others. Michael Jackson said it best: “I’m Starting with the Man In the Mirror….Take a Look at Yourself, And Then Make a Change.”

Lisa McCarthy, inventor of the Affirmations Mirror, did exactly that. Her desire and determination to heal myself by changing her thoughts lead to create a real-life “mirror, mirror on the wall.” The Affirmations Mirror™ talks to the user in their own voice to remind them of their goals and dreams. Now, it is Lisa’s mission to serve people by being an example of hope and inspiration proving that, despite a traumatic childhood and the bumps and bruises of life, dreams can and DO come true. The Affirmations Mirror is a tool for building self-esteem and achieving dreams.

As humans, we are given the ability to choose and change our thoughts. In fact, the only thing we have control over is our own thoughts. We are given a choice at every moment and every second of every day to change our thoughts.

Sophia Chao, a Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, says our mind is always trying to fill in the possibilities of what can go wrong; seldom does it give the mind the possibility of what could go right.  If we train our minds to take as much time to visualize things going right, it creates a new possibility.  Our mind is busy making up stories and scenarios so, if we are going to imagine things, we can imagine good things too and have them come true! Sophia also advises that we notice our thoughts at any moment and ask, “Is this thought leading me toward my desired goal?” If not, choose a new thought. Before you know it, your self-esteem will be through the roof!

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