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Everyone talks about investments and wanting to support a hero or how they’d wished they had been able to help someone right before they made it big.  Here is that opportunity! 

You see, acknowledgement of a great idea is not enough – you have to have the funds to move from idea to full manufacturing, marketing and sales mode. The Affirmations Mirror not just a product; it is a product that has been forged out of the gifts of life that were wrapped in sandpaper. Lisa McCarthy had all the disadvantages in life, but she took off the sandpaper wrapping and found inside the gift that changed her life. By doing affirmations in the mirror, she began to believe that she was worthy, that her life had a purpose. Her journey brought her to invent the Affirmations Mirror, a mirror that uses preprogrammed or user-recorded messages to make the practice of daily affirmations easier and more powerful.

The Affirmations Mirror is the real life Mirror, Mirror on the Wall in which you get to control the messages that come from the mirror.  Women can spend up to two hours and men about 20 minutes a day looking in the mirror–combing hair, applying makeup, assessing ourselves. What most people aren’t doing is acknowledging that we are doing the best we can to love and appreciate our lives. Looking in the mirror and seeing only one’s faults is a symptom of low self-esteem.  Low self-esteem is one of the leading causes of depression, suicide, plastic surgery and general dissatisfaction with life. The Affirmations Mirror is a tool for changing that conversation with yourself in the mirror and finding your worth.

What if you could change the messages people give themselves and by doing that, you changed people’s lives just because you chose to invest? You can help change people’s lives by helping the Affirmations Mirror come to market. 

You may have investments in oil, houses, cars, businesses and many other things. Now, you can
invest in a company that was created to deliver products that make people feel good about who they are. Invest in the Affirmations Mirror by MeyeVU Interactive right now to get more than just a return on your investment—to feel good about helping people.

The Affirmations Mirror by MeyeVU Interactive, by Lisa McCarthy is a great idea worthy of your investment.   You just have to act now because the Affirmations Mirror’s Kickstarter campaign ends on February 28, 2012.

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