24 HOUR SPIN for Special Olympics BC

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fort Langley, BC

Between noon March 31 and noon April 1, 2012, eight road cyclists will spin outdoors on their bicycle trainers at Wendel’s Bookstore & Café in Fort Langley, BC, to demonstrate their commitment to raise money for Special Olympics BC. To spin for 24 hours is without question a test of human endurance and these eight are confident that with your support they will triumph.

As a group, the eight participants will ride nearly 4,800 kilometres, burn up to 460,800 calories and turn the bicycle cranks almost 1 million times! Spinning for 24 hours is not going to be easy and everyone’s support will be greatly appreciated. The public is asked to bring cash donations for Special Olympics BC and words of encouragement for the riders over the 24 hour period.

“A 24 hour spin is plenty long enough for someone to experience a roller coaster of emotions,” says Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson, a participant in the 24 HOUR SPIN and General Manager of Canadian Velo Event Management Society, the event organizers. “The person you will be when you get off the bike will be very different than the person you were when you first hopped on. To be successful you need the right attitude. I draw my inspiration from the athletes of Special Olympics BC; they have proven to me that the only real disability one can have is a bad attitude.”

Two additional bikes and trainers will be set up beside the participants and spectators will be invited to spin for short durations and make a donation to Special Olympics BC.

Date & Time: NOON Saturday March 31, 2012 – NOON Sunday April 1, 2012

Location: Wendel’s Bookstore and Café103-9233 Glover Road, Fort Langley, BC

“Special Olympics BC is excited to be part of the inaugural Prospera Valley GranFondo and we are grateful that people are getting involved with the upcoming 24 Hour Spin,” says Dan Howe, CEO & President, Special Olympics BC. “The courage and determination that many Special Olympics BC athletes display in their sporting endeavors will be a great inspiration to the riders in this 24 hour event.”

Canadian Velo Events is also pleased to present the upcoming 2012 Prospera Valley GranFondo; an amazing 160 kilometre ride featuring quiet country roadways, scenic farmland, historic river valleys and a challenging mountain summit. The post-ride festivities will include an authentic First Nation’s feast on the grounds of the Fort Langley National Historic Site. Half of the net proceeds from the 2012 Prospera Valley GranFondo will benefit Special Olympics BC.

For more information visit: www.ValleyGranFondo.com


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