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Photo of author has officially launched. With a focus on helping as many people as possible lose weight and improve their health, Diet For Free offers several different health packages with the potential to diet for free.

Bill Potts, the creator of Diet for Free, says: “With the launch of this website we are helping people dramatically improve their health with the nutritional Visalus* products we offer, and giving them the chance to receive their order for free when they tell a few others about the program who place a similar product order. It’s a very unique customer program, and as far as I am aware, no other company is offering it in the industry.”

“The goal of Diet for Free is to help people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals without having to pay for expensive weight loss programs, join an organization, or start a business. Just order, use, and refer. Thousands of people are using Visalus products, achieving their health and fitness goals and referring others to this simple program.”

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in North America and Visalus is doing all they can to combat this disease through their 90 Day Challenge. People may have heard of the Visalus and the Challenge, but what they might not be aware of is that Visalus provides a way for people to order their health kit’s for free when they simply refer a few other people whose orders total value are three times greater than their own. Confused? Check out Diet for Free! The Diet For Free website was created to explain the program and help people place an order for their kit and begin their journey towards weight loss and better fitness.  

The Diet For Free website contains lots of valuable information about the Visalus products with video’s, articles, and testimonials. Vislaus products are already reasonably priced. Some people spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on other weight loss and fitness programs. Visalus and Diet For Free offer people an alternative to purchase top notch, scientificvally tested products that won’t empty their bank accounts as they lose weight and improve their health.

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*ViSalus is the No. 1 weight loss & fitness Challenge platform in North America—rewarding those with the best 90-day transformations over $25 MILLION each year in free products, prizes, and vacations.

About Epicenter: Epicenter is on a mission to help as many people as they can lose weight, get fit and improve every aspect of their lives. 

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Bill Potts 

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Phone :  1-877-649-4454