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 Crowdfunding Expert William Davis, President of GATE Impact, LLC, is the mastermind behind the transformation of investment companies financial infrastructure. Focusing on utilizing sound advice and consultation to improve financial rates of return by concentrating on performance management, productivity, operational relationships and quality of work, his goal is to promote GATE Impacts newest software system, GATEWAY to achieve success for his clients. With over 20 years of experience, William Davis coauthored the book, “The Impact Intelligence for High Performing Organizations Roadmap” with founder of the Social Ventures Technology Group, Sarah Olsen.

Released in December, 2010, GATE Impact’s software application, GATEWAY offers socially and environmentally conscious investment firms a new and improved way to research current market investments by use of analysis charting and graphs, trading, settlement, clearing and reporting metrics, to help obtain and surpass their financial goals for the future. This investment platform provides investors a way to make more informed decisions quickly by enabling them to perform sound financial transactions. They can now make comparisons in their investments by bundling all financial statistics in one solid platform.

According to Business Wire’s February 6, 2011 press release, GATE Technology LLC announced the pilot launch of GATE Impact which became possible with the $2.5 million investment of Prudential Financials social investment program. Prudential Financial manages more than $500 million of private and corporate investment portfolios in the United States and internationally. It’s main focus is to promote positive sustainable impact both socially and environmentally around the world.

At the January 23, 2012 New York City So Ho Loft Capital Creation Crowdfunding Conference (TSLCCAC), key speakers discussed events surrounding the rapidly growing marketplace for private stock. Crowdfunding was a major interest as House of Representive Congressman, Rep. Patrick McHenry spoke about the newly introduced bill HR 2930, or the Crowding Funding Bill. The bill passed the House and is now awaiting the Senates approval. With crowdfunding already being used to help raise funds to help keep businesses afloat, the bill offers new rules allowing larger investment firms to fund larger businesses to increase job growth. Vince Molinari, CEO of GATE Technologies, LLC and William Davis, President of GATE Impact were also key speakers at the conference, sharing their knowledge of crowdfunding with attendees.

William Davis, President of GATE Impact, is committed to helping rid inner city communities of poverty and offer the alternative of a successful way of life using his personal ambitions of effective ecosystems and social responsibility to reach this goal. He is an accomplished artist/ singer who is trying to make a difference in not only the United States. but in countries such as Africa and other poverty stricken countries around the world. With his extensive experience in providing leadership in not only the social and financial future of major corporations, but also with an interest in improving the environmental conditions in these areas, he is an astounding leader in the business world.

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