Learn About Jazz Legend Phil Henry

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If you are looking for soothing music but also with a little bit of a twist without overdoing it, then you may want to check out the jazz guitarist, Phil Henry. He combines Blues, jazz, and a little bit of other types of music to make a very unique blend of music. Phil Henry knows how to experiment and combine different trends of music without going crazy and making it sound bad.

This New York jazz guitarist has a CD titled ‘Phil Henry- Jazz/ Blues Volume 1’ shows all of the different inspirations of which Phil Henry has. This CD is mixed with Hardbop, Bebop, and jazz. Phil Henry has music that is calming but also upbeat and keeps your mood positive. The guitar is a very transient instrument, it can be used in country music, hard rock, soft rock, alternative rock, and even soothing jazz. As long as the right musician is playing, then the guitar can be used for any mood and the music can be turned into any genre.

This CD has several songs that keep you wanting more. Such as ‘Miss Day’, ‘Lisa Smile’, ‘Not a Single Sound’, and ‘Purple Stuff’. There are twenty one songs on this CD in total and all of them all perfect for when you come home from a hard and hectic day at work, you sat in rush hour traffic for an hour listening to people with road rage and honking their horns and you want to settle down with a small glass of wine. Jazz is perfect for relaxing and feeling like the world is finally on hold and you can calm down and do what you want. Phil Henry must have understood that many people need some time to unwind in their day and to just take it easy, even if it would only be for a few minutes.

The second CD, ‘Precious Time Christmas Jazz, Phil Henry Jazz/ Blues Volume 2’ is prefect to get in that holiday mood and get ready for the excitement and happiness for the holidays. Holidays are hectic, filled with worries about time and money to get the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones, all of the crowds you have to fight in the stores and while traveling, and cooking the holiday meals for all of your family. It can be stressful and a good way to relax and have some time alone to get in the right state of mind is to listen to the right kind of music. And Phil Henry knows how to make you feel better. As soon as you turn on the first song, Jingle Bells, you remember what the holidays are about and how you are supposed to be feeling.

The nineteen songs on the holiday CD have lots of the traditional classics, along with some new holiday songs. Phil Henry knows how to play these Christmas carols and make you close your eyes and escape. You can share this music with the family and have it playing in the background to set the mood for all of your events. This can turn anyone’s mood into a great one and give everyone a reason to smile for the holidays. This type of music makes you love the holidays and puts you in the mood for family, fun, and giving. And that is what the holidays are supposed to be about, not stress, worries, and sadness.

My personal favorite holiday song is ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ and Phil Henry did a wonderful version of it on his holiday CD. This music makes you sit back and take a deep breath. Phil Henry must have looked at all of the hustle and bustle of the world around him in New York and wanted people to look at the small things in life and take a moment to appreciate everything they have. He must have seen everyone always in a hurry and wanted to make music that might possibly calm the world down, one CD and song at a time.

Phil Henry knows how to set the mood for anyone who is feeling rushed with life. With inspirations like Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, Charlie Parker, and many others, you are sure to find Phil Henry’s music