Iswirl: An Idea Whose Time Has Finally Arrived!

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With the official launch of iSwirl just a few weeks away momentum is really beginning to pick up. This just reinforces the fact that iSwirl’s cash back customer loyalty program that helps charities to raise funds and businesses make additional income is an idea whose time has come.

iSwirl is a loyalty program with a heart. Part of this heart comes from a trip that iSwirl CEO Dan Anderson took to Uganda. Dan purchased some land there upon which his friend built and maintains an orphanage. During a visit to the orphanage, Dan witnessed a seven year old girl from a nearby village die of malaria. Dan found out that the girl’s life could have been saved if only the family could have afforded the $7.00 malaria medicine, or a $10.00 mosquito net. Seeing his friend carry this girl’s lifeless body created a deep conviction in Dan that something had to change. He believed that in today’s world something had to be, and could be done to help put a stop to preventable deaths like this one.

For iSwirl’s founders Jamie Davis and Dan Anderson the launch of iSwirl has been 10 years of hard work, rejection, and going back to the drawing board over and over again. The idea for iSwirl began with a coupon program that Dan started for his successful cleaning company after he returned from Uganda.   

Wanting to be generous and give to charity his company offered their customers a $20 discount plus an additional $10 to any charity the customer cared about. Over the years Dan and Jamie have seen the power of this program as they have been able to give thousands of dollars to charities and create a loyal, happy customer base at the same time.

Five years ago Jamie and Dan tried to take to take their coupon program a step further when the two business partners decided to create a stand alone loyalty program, but found that the software was too expensive to develop for what they wanted to do. With advances in technology and improved affordability, iSwirl is now ready to launch.

When it comes to investment and their business plan, Jamie says he has felt like Thomas Edison at times. Edison, as you may recall wrote 40,000 pages of notes and tested more than 1600 different materials before he finally had a bulb that withstood a 40 hour test in his laboratory. Jamie and Dan have re-written their business plan well over 100 times and faced rejection by multiple investors. The rejection hasn’t been all bad though as it has forced Jamie and Dan to hone their business plan to the point where it has become a win-win-win program for Customers, Vendors and Charities alike.

With the recent momentum of interest from Charities and Business Owners, along with the popularity and power of social media fueled by the rapid advancement and widespread use of smartphone and tablet technology, iSwirl has become an affordable, easy to use program for everyone involved. 

It appears that iSwirl is an idea whose time has finally arrived. 

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