Senuke XCr Review Reveals Crowd Sourced Link Building Portal

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Senuke XCr has a new feature built in that enables anyone to add their own website script to the Portal. This addition has link builders across the world adding their favorite websites to the platform. In Rick Porter’s latest Senuke XCr review on Youtube he highlights the power of the “Crowd Sourced” Portal which allows users from all over the world to add their favorite websites. Link building software will never be the same because now Senuke XCr truly has no limits and can be used to submit to only niche specific sites if desired. Porter points out that if someone has a very specific niche such as pets they can add pet specific forums, social networks, wiki’s, and any other platform that has their favorite niche sites. For anyone working on recovering from Google’s infamous Panda or Penguin this feature is an absolute must. If a website needs more niche specific sites then the user can create and upload niche specific sites into Senuke for use with that particular campaign.

Senuke XCr is Powerful Software – But With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty

Although Senuke XCr is incredibly powerful, Porter points out that to rank websites there are a lot of quality rules that must be abided by to get on Google’s first page. “I recommend that newbies to internet marketing start off by ranking websites that already have high authority and trust in Google. Youtube is a perfect place for someone new in the internet marketing world to start ranking and making money”, said Porter.

He also strongly cautions to not waste time promoting low quality products or products that don’t convert into sales online. Finding the right things to promote can actually be the hardest part of the process. Once a great product is found that people are searching for a newbie can use Senuke XCr for ranking Youtube videos quite easily.

Senuke XCr is currently being used for several different online marketing ventures, such as local search engine optimization, online reputation management, and content syndication. The software continues to get better and more reliable as time goes on, and the addition of the portal crowd sourced link building makes it a must have for anyone looking to succeed in the internet marketing arena.

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Rick Porter is an internet marketing consultant that specializes in search engine optimization and online reputation management.