Ken Brackett Launches New Video On Portfolio Protection Strategies

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Ken Brackett of Lighthouse Financial recently released a video for investors within the stocks and securities markets looking for growth and aggressive type investments.  Ken talks about market cycles and market crashes and how to grow in the good years while not losing in the bad years. In the video Ken also discusses their portfolio protection strategy which is used to protect against bear market cycles like those that started in 2001 and 2008.  Market losses like these can take years to recoup from and many brokers don’t know what to tell their clients.  For people close to retirement there is no time to recoup losses.  The strategy that Ken Brackett and Lighthouse Financial has employed is to look at strategies of big players that survive in these markets.

Identifying longer term market cycles, using a number of indicators like longer term moving averages to get out in time for the bigger moves in the market.  The explains how this takes the worry and volatility out of the portfolio.  This is great for their clients as a fee based advisor.  This approach is good for safeguarding their clients assets and distinguishing themselves from their competitors.  When to get out of equities and when to get into equities is an essential part of this strategy and this has worked for them for a number of years.

About Ken Bracket
Ken Brackett, owner and founder of Lighthouse Financial Advisory Group is a Two-Time Winner of the a Five-Star Wealth Manager Award by both Delaware Today Magazine and the Philadelphia Magazine.  Lighthouse Financial is registered with the state of Delaware, Better Business Bureau, the National Ethics Bureau and the National Association of Securities Dealers.

Ken is a prominent financial educator in the New Castle County area as well as a Registered Investment Advisor. His retirement classes are consistently oversold and he has done planning for the retirees of General Electric, the University of Pennsylvania, Rohm & Haas and DuPont. With an emphasis in accounting and finance, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1988 and has worked with the senior age group since 1991.