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STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA / November 13, 2012 /Newswire/ — Viratech Corp. (OTC: VIRA), the first open source biotech research social network platform, announced today that, due to the overwhelming response from the Company’s business development partners, it has developed a thirty point tutorial system, which instructs the user on every aspect of utilizing the site.  The videos appear at:  Says Dr. Kevin Buckman, CEO and founder of Viratech, “The videos explain everything, from how to use the site, to the Company’s unique activity point system, to assist the user in protecting intellectual property, promoting open source research, and commercial development.”

About Viratech Corp.

Based in Stockton, California, Viratech Corp. has created a unique open source biotech research and development platform, , Viratech has created a unique platform  leveraging the utility of social collaboration, which is designed to allow bio tech research the opportunity for the first time to become open sourced.  This will be accomplished by allowing the company’s development partners the ability to protect, promote and produce their research in unified online collaboration hubs known as micro social networks. Viratech’s open source platform has integrated several intellectual property tools which, by leveraging its social collaboration network, can give the company’s development partners a new intellectual property mechanism, which will help in addressing the protection of Intellectual Property, promotion through collaboration in the company’s protected open source platform, and commercial development of the products achieved through collaborative research.

Using this platform, Viratech members can protect their intellectual property, then use Viratech’s micro social network as a utility to promote and crowd source the research and development to produce new technology.

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