First Line Leader Transition Training

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( – November 17, 2012) Boston, MA –The importance of first line leaders in an organization cannot be overstated.  Titles may vary – foreman, lead, supervisor, project manager, department head – but what they have in common is that they lead a team.  Success is dependent on their ability to perform, to lead, to motivate and deliver on the expectations set for them.  There is no fall back point, no place to retreat in time of challenge.  For that reason, first line leader transition training will give them the tools necessary to stand strong and produce results while leading by example.

Many top performers are selected for team leaders. The characteristics that made them a top performer – reliable, proactive, strong work ethic – form the basis for leadership, but only if they understand the challenges and expectations that come with the assignment.  They need to understand the key leadership practices, recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and implement changes in their approach and behaviors. They need to understand how to motivate their team and how to maximize the contribution of their direct reports to the organization.

First line leadership training is a process designed to help those new leaders transition from top performer to team leader. It helps them identify the characteristics of a great leader and emulate those that have been successful. It teaches communication, organization, delegation and the psychological and behavioral shifts required to implement those tools skillfully. It gives first line leaders the chance to develop new skills and fine-tune current skill sets as they not only ensure the success of their team but have their eye on future opportunities within your organization.

Give your new first line leaders the motivation and confidence to move up to the next level. They will have the competence to avoid common pitfalls at more senior levels through their ability to deliver more results with fewer resources. They will have new insights into their preferred leadership style. Through a refined ability to influence their subordinates, they will be equipped to make a significant contribution to moving your organization in desired directions and steer their teams through complex scenarios.

The Emerge Group, Inc. offers First Line Leader Transition Training to its clients.  Emerge was founded by partners Sheldon Loar, and Jim Wentworth.  Free webinar training is offered each month.  For a schedule of upcoming events follow this link:  First Line Leader Transition Training Course.

More in depth training is available on an individualized, or Company wide basis to meet your needs.  Contact Jim Wentworth  978-640-0906 to arrange a free consultation.