Vancouver Mortgage Broker – – Launches New Vancouver real estate Website

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Maintained and managed by mortgage broker, Miruna Alexandru, a licensed and experienced Vancouver mortgage broker in the Verico network, offers comprehensive support for its clients through extensive monitoring of rates and other criteria pertinent to originating mortgages that provide the best value for its clients.

First-time home buyers, who feel a bit overwhelmed by the terminology involved with buying and financing a home, will appreciate the informative step-by-step guidance provided by the website, with full explanations of terminology. Additionally, is experienced and knowledgeable in working with realtors and real estate companies, and will facilitate the successful closing of the home loan transactions as expediently as possible.

Existing Vancouver home owners, who already have a mortgage, will find that also offers a broad variety of options for refinancing existing mortgages with rates that offer significant savings.
As pointed out in the website, not everyone is a good candidate for refinancing. A number of factors can come into play as refinancing is considered. Those factors can include:
*Comparison of the new mortgage rate with the client’s existing rate;
*Analysis of the new payment that would result from a refinancing, as compared to the existing payment obligation of the client;
*Prepayment penalties, if any, on the existing mortgage;
*Closing costs, if any;
*Number of years remaining on the client’s existing mortgage;

Ms. Alexandru’s background in the Vancouver real estate industry, as well as in the mortgage finance sector, guides the client through the various states of the mortgage process, including that of preapproval. Market rates and trends can change significantly from week to week, making timeliness an important factor in capturing the best rate for financing.

Clients who wish to seek the services of Ms. Alexandu need only access the website to begin the process. An online questionnaire will assist clients in the initial phase of calculating whether a new home, or refinance of an existing one, is a good fit for the client.

In addition to online interaction, Ms. Alexandu said “We will offer personal assistance, guidance, and answer questions for those who remain uncertain as to whether the financing is in their best interests. It should be noted that a mortgage broker works for the client, and the success of the company is directly connected to client satisfaction. Therefore, one should never blindly follow a bank or other lending institution into the mire of mortgaging.” is ran by Verico – Miruna Alexandru – and is a website that offers mortgage clients financing products, customer tips, and more. is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Miruna Alexandru